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Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Batteries in Diesel Generators 2

Mar. 30, 2022

Continue the last article. The selection of the charging frequency of the diesel generator: the charging depth of the battery has a great influence on the cycle life, which basically changes exponentially. This is due to the fact that the positive active material is PbO2, and its bonding fastness is not high. It is converted into PbS04 during discharge and into PbO2 during charging, and the volume of PbSO4 is much larger than that of PbO2 (the ratio of its volume is about 2:1). Therefore, for the positive plate, the active material will expand and shrink repeatedly, and the connection between the particles will gradually fall off, so that the battery active material loses its discharge characteristics and becomes "anode slime", which reduces the performance of the battery until the end of its life. The deeper the discharge depth, the greater the expansion and contraction, the greater the damage to the binding force of the active substance, and the shorter the life; otherwise, the longer the cycle life.

diesel standby generator

When using the battery, try to avoid deep discharge, and do shallow discharge and frequent charging, provided that there is a specially matched charger to match it. However, in actual use, since the charging of the battery is affected by the performance of the charger and the dispersion of the battery itself, as well as the charging habits and charging speed, the voltage of the charger is relatively high, and there is more or less overcharging. In particular, most of the charging is carried out at night, and the time is generally 6-10 hours, with an average of about 8 hours. If it is shallowly discharged, the charging will soon reach the end stage. At this time, the charging efficiency will become low, and overcharging will occur. Overcharging time is relatively long, coupled with frequent charging, the battery life will be greatly affected by charging.

The most ideal charging requirements are determined according to the actual situation. The charging frequency should be determined by referring to the usual operating frequency, mileage, instructions provided by the battery factory, and the performance of the supporting charger. According to the situation of most users, it is best to charge the battery once when the depth of discharge is 50%-70%, which can achieve the best battery life. In actual use, it can be converted into riding mileage, and it can be charged once when needed.

Influence of temperature on charging: Diesel generator batteries run in high temperature seasons, and there is a problem of overcharging. When the temperature of the battery increases, the activity of each active material increases, and the oxygen evolution potential of the positive electrode decreases, and the oxygen evolution potential of the negative electrode also decreases (the negative value decreases). Therefore, the charging reaction speed is fast during charging, and the charging current is large. lower voltage. In order to prevent excessive charging voltage, the temperature of the battery should be reduced as much as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, prevent charging after exposure to the sun, and keep away from heat sources.

When the battery is at a low temperature, the activity of each active material decreases, and it becomes difficult to dissolve the Pb on the electrode. It is difficult to replenish after the Pb is consumed during charging, and the charging current is greatly reduced. It is only 70% of the normal temperature, and the negative electrode charging is affected by the expansion agent, and the low temperature charging acceptance capacity is lower -20 ℃ The charging acceptance current is only 40% of the normal temperature. Therefore, charging under low temperature conditions mainly has the problems of poor charging acceptance and insufficient charging, and it is required to increase the charging voltage and prolong the charging time. The improvement of low temperature performance should mainly start from the negative electrode. When using at low temperature, heat preservation and antifreeze measures should be taken, especially when charging, it should be placed in a warm environment, which is conducive to ensuring sufficient charge, preventing the generation of irreversible sulfuric acid, and prolonging the service life of the battery. During the storage and use of the battery, activation charging can be carried out regularly, that is, the so-called equalization charging, which is very beneficial to prevent irreversible sulfation of the battery, and is very beneficial to the service life of the battery, which is worth promoting.

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