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Maintenance of Diesel Generators Requires Professional Operation

Mar. 04, 2022

Once the diesel generator fails, the user thinks that he can solve the problem and try to solve it by himself. It doesn't matter whether you need a diesel generator maintenance professional or not. In fact, the user's sloppy subjective thinking is unacceptable. The diesel generator manufacturers just listed a case here, which is enough to show that the maintenance of diesel generators still requires professionals.

diesel engine generator

For example, a company who has a diesel generator that has not been started for many years and needs to be restarted, they contacted our diesel generator manufacturer's maintenance technician for door-to-door service, because it has not done maintenance work for many years and has not been started for many years. Our factory's master found abnormal noise after starting it, but he couldn't stop it when he pressed the stop button. Fortunately, our maintenance master has a professional level, and stopped the diesel generator through emergency treatment before an accident occurred. Let's assume that if the user starts the diesel generator by himself and has no professional knowledge, it is inevitable that an accident will not occur in such a sudden situation, and the loss will outweigh the gain.

Diesel generator failure, most of the reasons are internal reasons, so in this process, there are various parts, our users themselves can not be repaired at will. Only the master with professional knowledge of the generator manufacturer can correctly understand some of the reasons for the failure, really do the corresponding analysis, and know the specific solution, so that it can be a good way to solve the problem.

Unprofessional people disassemble diesel generator equipment at will, not only can not solve the problem, but also bring some other unexpected troubles, which is very unfavorable for our users. There are various reasons for the failure of various diesel generators in some aspects. The more professional masters can judge the internal failure reasons according to the external situation, and then directly complete the analysis. Even more professional personnel can sometimes have a hard time finding the source of the fault and run into all sorts of troubles in the repair process.

Therefore, diesel generator manufacturers suggest that users must find a professional maintenance master in the process of diesel generator maintenance, which is very important for everyone to solve diesel generator failures. In the process of repairing diesel generator failures, only by finding a professional maintenance master can the failure problem be better solved.

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