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Maintenance Methods of Starter Motors and Charging Generators

Mar. 18, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the repair and maintenance methods of starter motors, rechargeable generators for you.

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Starter motor maintenance: The starter motor used to start the diesel engine is a DC series motor that works for a short time. In order for it to function properly and to prolong its service life, it must be properly cared for and maintained. Since the starter motor is designed for short-term work, the running time of each starter motor should not exceed 10s. If it cannot be started once and needs to be started twice, the time interval between the two starts should not be less than 40S. Do not press the start button when the diesel engine and the starter motor have not stopped, otherwise the gear and the ring gear will be severely impacted and damaged. When the diesel engine fails to start three times in a row, the cause of the failure should be checked and eliminated before it can be started again to avoid expanding the failure. When the diesel engine is started, the start button should be released immediately to make the gear return to its original position from the meshing position and stop working.

Always check whether the connection of the fasteners of the starter motor is firm, whether the wire is in good contact, and whether the wire insulation is damaged. Regularly check whether the surface of the starter motor commutator is smooth, whether the carbon brush is stuck, and whether the spring pressure of the carbon brush is normal. If it is found that the surface of the commutator has large sparks or serious ablation, and the carbon brushes are worn too much, the carbon brushes should be repaired and replaced. After every 1000 hours of operation of the diesel engine, lubricating oil should be added to the gears and bearings of the starter motor. Regularly remove dust and keep the inside of the starter motor clean.

Charging generators maintenance: The charging generators used on diesel engines are all silicon rectifier generators. In order to ensure its normal operation, it must be properly cared for and maintained. Each type of rechargeable generator must be used in conjunction with the corresponding relay regulator and battery. The wiring should be correct and firm, especially the positive and negative poles must not be wrongly connected, otherwise the generator and regulator will be damaged. When the charging generator is running, it is not allowed to short-circuit the positive electrode with the casing or the negative electrode with a screwdriver or other metal objects to observe whether there is sparks to judge whether the generator is generating electricity, otherwise the components will be easily burned out.

After every 1000 hours of use of the rechargeable generator, the front and rear bearings should be replaced with grease once, and the grease should be filled with 2/3 of the bearing chamber, otherwise it is easy to cause the grease to overflow and stick on the slip ring, causing the slip ring Poor contact with the carbon brush will affect the performance of the generator. The fouling on the charging generator should be removed frequently, and the oil on the collector rings and coils should be wiped off with gasoline. Regularly check whether the stator, rotor and rectifier components of the charging generator are de-soldered, short-circuited and open-circuited. Check whether the carbon brushes of the charging generator are worn and the spring pressure is normal. If the carbon brushes are too worn, they should be replaced. Regularly check the stator and rotor insulation of the charging generator, and check whether the brush holder and the outlet screw are well insulated to the ground. If the insulation resistance is too low, it should be dealt with.

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