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Reasons and Maintenance Methods for Bearing Damage of Generator Set

Feb. 09, 2022

If the user does not pay attention to the maintenance of the unit bearing when using the generator set, it may cause damage to the unit bearing and affect the normal use of the unit. Therefore, when genset operation, the users not only to understand the cause of bearing damage, but also pay attention to maintenance! There are many reasons for the bearing damage of the generator set, and the oil needs to be changed within 250-400 hours.

There are three main forms of generator set bearing damage. How to keep the bearing in this situation?

generator maintenance

1. Analysis of the causes of damage to the bearing of the generator set.

(1) The main reason for bearing spalling is fatigue damage

Since the magnitude and direction of the load on the bearing changes with time, when the load is unstable, the oil film between the friction surfaces of the bearing cannot be kept uniform and continuous, and the oil film pressure will also fluctuate. When the thickness of the oil film is small, high temperature will occur in the local area of the bearing surface, which greatly reduces the fatigue strength of the alloy layer. In addition, the poor assembly of the bearing itself is also the direct cause of the peeling of the alloy layer.

(2) In addition to wear and peeling

Corrosion of sliding bearings should also be paid attention to, mainly depending on oil quality, temperature, pressure and bearing load. The high-load parts of the bearing are easy to corrode, and the organic acids and sulfides generated by the high temperature deterioration of the lubricating oil are the causes of the bearing corrosion.

(3) Bearing burnout

That said, common "burning tiles" are mainly due to small clearances, poor lubrication, and operational problems.

2. The generator set bearing maintenance method.

(1) During the generator set maintenance, attention should be paid to the lubrication of the oil ring of the sliding bearing, and the bearing oil should be appropriate, generally not in operation.

When the oil level is lower than the specified level, the bearing should not throw oil to avoid splashing on the windings. Regularly remove oil samples for inspection. If the oil is dark, cloudy, watery or dirty, it should be replaced. When the bearing is hot, it should be replaced with new oil.

(2) Generally speaking, the oil should be changed every 250-400 hours, but at least every six months.

When changing the oil, the bearing should be cleaned with kerosene first, then with gasoline and then injected with new lubricating oil. For motors fitted with ball or roller bearings, the grease needs to be changed after about 2000 hours of operation. When the bearing is used in a dusty and humid environment, the lubricating oil should be changed frequently according to the situation.

(3) Before starting a generator set that has been out of service for a long time.

If rolling bearings are installed, their lubrication state needs to be checked first. If the original grease becomes dirty or hardened and deteriorated, the bearing needs to be cleaned first, and then cleaned with gasoline. Fill with clean grease. The filling amount is 2/3 of the bearing cavity space, and excessive filling is not allowed.


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