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Maintenance Method for Weak Start-up Motor of Quiet Generator Set

Apr. 15, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the content of the maintenance method of the low-noise generator set starting the motor incapable of running. If what else do you need to know about this, welcome to visit our starlight website, and then we will introduce the relevant information to every user.

generator silent type

When the silent diesel engine starts, the crankshaft does not rotate or rotates slowly, so that the diesel engine cannot enter the self-running state. Generally, there are three reasons: insufficient battery power, excessive starting resistance, or burning of the movable and static contacts inside the electromagnetic switch. Poor contact occurs. The specific inspection methods for low-noise generators are as follows:

Check whether the power of the battery is sufficient; check the contact between the brush and the commutator (or commutator). Under normal circumstances, the contact surface between the bottom surface of the brush and the commutator should be more than 85%. If not, replace the new brush; check whether the commutator (or commutator) is burnt, scratched, or pitted. If there is a lot of dirt on the surface of the commutator, clean it with diesel or gasoline. If there are serious burns, wear and scratches, and the surface is not smooth or out of roundness, it can be repaired or replaced according to the situation. When repairing, the commutator can be turned with a lathe and polished with a fine emery cloth.

Check the working surfaces of the movable contacts and the two static contacts inside the electromagnetic switch of the generator set. If the movable contacts and the static contacts are burnt and the starter motor is incapacitated, fine abrasive cloth can be used to clean the movable contacts and the static contacts. Flatten the head.

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