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Maintenance Guidelines for Transformers of Diesel Generator Sets

Feb. 24, 2022

There are many things that need to be paid attention to when the Cummins diesel generator set operation, and there are also many parts that we need to maintain and maintain. The faults of Cummins diesel generator set transformers include phase-to-phase short-circuit, grounding short-circuit, inter-turn short-circuit, disconnection of windings, burnout of iron core, and faults of bushings and lead wires.

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When a fault occurs outside the Cummins diesel generator set transformer, due to the large short-circuit current flowing in its windings, the temperature of the transformer will rise, and the transformer will be overloaded and overexcited for a long time, which will also cause overheating and insulation damage to the windings and core. .

The transformer should be powered off when the following abnormalities occur: the transformer catches fire and emits smoke; the terminals are overheated and fused, resulting in non-full-phase operation; the casing is ruptured, and a large amount of oil is emitted; the casing has serious rupture and discharge, etc.

Before starting the Cummins diesel generator set, it is necessary to check the cleanliness of each part, the connection of the joints and the insulation, to check whether the electrical appliances and operating equipment are normal, whether the carbon brushes are stuck, whether the bolts of each part are fastened, and whether the commutator or sliding The ring should also be wiped clean with a cloth. After the Cummins diesel generator set starts and runs, people cannot touch the high-voltage line and all live parts. If you need to test whether it is live, you can use a test pen or meter. In addition, no maintenance, cleaning, repair and adjustment work can be carried out during operation. The operator should always pay attention to the sound of each part of the Cummins diesel generator set during the entire operation, pay attention to the instrument, and pay attention to whether the rotating parts such as bearings are overheated. If the Cummins diesel generator set is not working properly, it must be stopped immediately, find out the reason, and continue to work after troubleshooting.

Cummins diesel generator sets that have not been used for a long time should check their insulation before use. When testing with a resistance meter, their insulation resistance should not be less than 1 megohm before use. Otherwise, the instruments used with Cummins diesel generator sets must be regularly calibrated. test to prevent failure.

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