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Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Diesel Generator Gearbox

Nov. 11, 2021

As we all know, after working for a certain period of time, due to changes in operation, friction, vibration, and load, diesel generators will inevitably produce loosening of the connecting parts, wear, corrosion, fatigue, aging, and debris blockage of the parts. The horsepower of the locomotive is reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, the work efficiency is reduced, and the components are out of balance or even damaged. In order to keep the locomotive in a good technical condition and prolong its service life, it is necessary to check, clean, lubricate, tighten, adjust or replace some parts of the locomotive in a series of technical maintenance measures in time.

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Regularly check the technical status of the front wheel alignment and steering device. Regular inspection and adjustment of front wheel positioning, front wheel bearing clearance, and steering gear are important measures to reduce tire wear and reduce deformation and damage of walking parts. It should be checked in accordance with the required values of various types of tractors and adjusted if necessary. In particular, pay special attention to the front wheel toe, the front wheel bearing clearance, the steering knuckle spindle fixing nut and the tie rod fixing nut.

Work strictly in accordance with operating procedures. Start smoothly. Drive at low speed in fields and uneven roads. Do not overtake ridges, ditches and high-speed sharp turns at high speed. Keep driving at medium speed during transportation operations, avoid emergency braking as much as possible, and choose appropriate gears according to the load. Don't overload the tractor frequently.

Maintain normal tire pressure and track tension. If the air pressure is too high, the buffering effect will be weakened, and the tractor's vibration will increase, which will easily damage the parts and cause the driver's fatigue. When the air pressure is too high, the adhesion performance will deteriorate, which will increase the amount of sag and rolling resistance. When too high air pressure encounters impact It may even cause the inner tube to burst. If the air pressure is too low, the tire deforms greatly, increasing the driving resistance, and causing the tire to heat up, accelerating aging and damage. The tire pressure should be selected appropriately according to the season, temperature and operating conditions. Too tight or loose tracks of a crawler tractor will accelerate the wear of the track shoes, track pins and wheels. In severe cases, derailment or jamming will occur, causing damage to the parts.


Diesel generators must pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance, and keep all parts clean. Frequently check the tightness of the wheel hub bolts, nuts, split pins and other parts to maintain reliable tightening. Grease the swing shaft sleeve, front wheel shaft and steering knuckle every shift; always check the oil level of the supporting pulley, guide wheel, support wheel, etc., add lubricating oil if necessary, and clean and change regularly as required Oil. Remove dirt and oil in time. Keep the walking parts clean, and pay special attention not to contaminate the tires with gasoline, diesel, engine oil, acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and aging. When disassembling the tire, do not use sharp tools to prevent damage to the tire. Pay attention to the direction of the tire pattern when installing. Regularly replace the symmetrical components such as the left and right tires, driving wheels, axles and crawlers to extend the service life.

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