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Main Power and Standby Power of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 24, 2022

The main power of the diesel generator set is also called continuous power or long-term power. In China, the main power is generally used to identify the diesel generator set, while in the world, the standby power, also called maximum power, is used to identify the diesel generator set. In the market, irresponsible manufacturers often introduce and sell diesel generator sets with maximum power as continuous power, which causes many users to misunderstand these two concepts.

diesel standby generator

The diesel generator set in our country is nominal with the main power, namely continuous power. The maximum power that the diesel generator set can use continuously within 24 hours is called continuous power. In a certain period of time, the standard is to overload 10% on the basis of continuous power for one hour every 12 hours. At this time, the unit power is what we usually call the maximum power, that is, the standby power. That is to say, if you purchase a 400kw diesel generator set, you can run it to 440kw in one hour within 12 hours. If you purchase a standby 400kw diesel generator set, if you do not overload, you usually run it at 400kw. In fact, the unit is always in the overload state (because the actual rated power of the unit is only 360kw), which is very unfavorable for the diesel generator set, It will shorten the life of diesel generator set and cause higher failure rate.

1) The unit of apparent power is KVA, which is used to express the capacity of transformer and UPS in China.

2) The active power is 0.8 times of the apparent power, and the unit is kw. It is used for power generation equipment and electrical equipment in China.

3) The rated power of diesel generator set refers to the power that can operate continuously for 12 hours.

4) The maximum power is 1.1 times of the rated power, but only 1 hour is allowed within 12 hours.

5) The economic power is 0, 50, 75 times of the rated power, which is the output power of the diesel generator set that can operate for a long time without time limit. When operating at this power, the fuel consumption is the lowest and the failure rate is the lowest.

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