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Main Points of Diesel Generating Room Design

Jan. 17, 2022

The principle of layout and installation of diesel generator set room is to ensure that the generator set (including diesel engine, generator and control panel) can work normally, and it is easy to use, operate and maintain. The following descriptions are for reference only. The user of the specific plan should consider the actual use of the unit and the model selected. The user can ask the relevant technical personnel to design the layout of the machine room and implement the construction.

generator controller.jpg

The following matters should be paid attention to when designing the engine room of the diesel generator set:

1) If possible, the diesel generator set and the control panel should be placed separately, the control panel should be placed in the operation room with sound insulation facilities, and there is an observation window so that the operator can keep abreast of the operation status of the unit in time.

2) When installing the exhaust muffler, the exhaust port should be placed outdoors, the exhaust lead pipe should not be too long, and the surface of the exhaust pipe should be wrapped with thermal insulation material if possible to reduce heat dissipation to the room.

3) There should be good ventilation conditions in the computer room, especially there must be sufficient fresh air around the air filter, and items that produce corrosive gases such as acid gas are not allowed in the computer room.

4) The computer room of the closed unit generally does not need forced ventilation. The fan of the unit can be used to exhaust air to the outside to promote the air convection in the computer room, but the corresponding air inlet and outlet must be set up. The machine room of the open-type unit adopts forced ventilation if necessary, but the air inlet must be low, and the exhaust fan should be installed in the machine room to make the high-temperature air flow out of the room in time.

5) In addition to the ventilation requirements for the installation of diesel generator sets, the engine room should consider the requirements of lightning protection, sound insulation, vibration isolation, fire protection, safety, environmental protection, lighting, and sewage discharge.

6) The fuel pipelines and cables should be laid in the grooves or trenches as much as possible, and the cables can also be laid in the wire pipes. Daily fuel tanks can be placed indoors, but should meet the requirements.

7) There should be a space distance of 0.8~1.0m around the diesel generator set, and no other items should be placed to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the operator. The size of the engine room is shown in the table below for reference.

8) The machine room should adopt comprehensive control measures for unit noise reduction and machine room sound insulation.

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