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Load Characteristics of Cummins Generator Set

Jan. 12, 2023

Today, we are going to introduce the load characteristics of Cummins generator sets. If you have any questions or do not understand, please consult our Starlight website. Next, we will briefly describe the relevant content.

cummins generator

In the working principle of synchronous Cummins generator set, it has been described that: after the rotor winding is connected with the DC current provided by the rotating rectifier, a magnetic field is generated in the air gap between it and the stator, which is called the rotor magnetic field or the main magnetic field. Then the loaded stator or armature winding will also generate a magnetic field in this air gap due to the flow of load current, which is called the stator or armature magnetic field. These two magnetic fields in the air gap naturally form a synthetic magnetic field together. The output voltage and current of synchronous Cummins generator set are determined by it.

The main reason for the change of the composite magnetic field is the change of the armature magnetic field due to the different nature of the load. This is called armature reaction: when the armature winding of Cummins generator set is an iron core inductance coil in principle and only connected with a pure resistive load, the potential of the winding is in phase with the current, the armature magnetic field is superposed with the rotor magnetic field, and the resultant magnetic field has no change. However, when Cummins generator set operates with load, its stator magnetic flux needs to be saturated to absorb some armature magnetic field, which will slightly reduce the synthetic magnetic field. The greater the load current, the more it will decrease.

If the armature winding is only connected to a pure inductive load, the current of the armature will lag behind the phase angle of the potential by 90 °. The armature magnetic field generated by this current will counteract the rotor magnetic field, thus weakening and twisting the resultant magnetic field. Therefore, the output voltage of Cummins generator set decreases.

If only a purely capacitive load is connected to the armature winding, the current of the armature winding will be 90 ° ahead of its potential due to the nature of capacitance. The armature magnetic field formed by this current can strengthen the rotor magnetic field, which strengthens the composite magnetic field and increases the output voltage of Cummins generator set.

The above analysis shows that three kinds of loads with different properties will cause different armature reactions of synchronous Cummins generator set, and then change its output voltage. By mastering these rules, we can configure better load for Cummins generator sets, so that the units can play their full potential and provide excellent electric energy.

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