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Learn About The On Board Power Station From Jiangsu Starlight Power

Dec. 16, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: The diesel generator set is installed in the standby power supply of the van type vehicle. This diesel generator set is called the on-board power station. The on-board power station is composed of diesel generator set, control system, power output system, automobile chassis, special compartment for power station and auxiliary supporting and noise reduction devices. It is mainly used in emergency rescue and disaster relief, field exploration, engineering operations, emergencies, military, non blackout industries and other fields. It is suitable for outdoor operation in the whole day, with stable and reliable overall performance, simple operation, low noise, good emission performance, good maintenance and other characteristics, and can well meet the needs of outdoor operation and emergency power supply.


As an all-weather and non fixed point standby power supply, the vehicle mounted power station needs to be rain proof, snow proof, frost proof, sand proof, good noise reduction performance, fast moving, safe and convenient. Now let's have a look at Jiangsu Starlight Power.


1. Selection of automobile chassis.

As the power unit of the vehicle mounted power station, the vehicle chassis is required to meet the requirements of both vehicle mounted economy and vehicle mounted driving safety. The selection of automobile chassis needs to be based on the power of the unit and the user's requirements. First, calculate the total weight of the unit, compartment and all accessories according to the requirements. According to the weight of the equipment, the layout design shall be carried out on the basis of ensuring the balance of the counterweight, and the most appropriate Class II chassis shall be matched with the load capacity and the required volume of the compartment to achieve a slight margin, so as to ensure the safety of the vehicle. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the on-board power station's ability to bear large loads for a long time, low center of gravity and good trafficability, the vehicle's load capacity should generally have a margin of 5%.


The onboard weight is the sum of Class II chassis vehicle, compartment, diesel generator set (diesel and antifreeze), cable winch, cable, hydraulic outrigger system, smoke exhaust system, control panel, switch cabinet, battery and other auxiliary equipment, and the sum of the weights shall not exceed 95% of the total onboard weight.


Cummins generator set

2. Design of vehicle box.

The design of vehicle mounted box shall be considered from the aspects of catalog announcement, balance of counterweight, air intake and exhaust ventilation, noise reduction, etc.


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