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Learn About Maintenance-free Batteries for Diesel Generator Sets

Feb. 07, 2022

What do you know about the performance of maintenance-free batteries for diesel generator sets? Most maintenance-free batteries feature a hole-shaped liquid (temperature-compensated) hydrometer in the cover, which changes color according to changes in the specific gravity of the electrolyte. It can indicate the storage state of the battery and the height of the electrolyte level. When the indicator eye of the hydrometer is green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged and the battery is normal; when the indicator eye has few green dots or is black, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged; when the indicator eye is light yellow, it indicates that the battery is faulty and needs to be repaired or to replace. Maintenance-free batteries can also be recharged, and the charging method is basically the same as that of ordinary batteries.

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When the generating set battery charging, the voltage per cell should be limited to 2.3-2.4V. Note that using the conventional charging method will consume more water, and the charging current should be slightly smaller (below 5A). Fast charging is not possible, otherwise, the battery may explode, resulting in injury. When the hydrometer of the maintenance-free battery is light yellow or red, it means that the battery is close to being scrapped, and the service life is not long even if it is recharged. Charging at this time can only be used as an emergency measure. When conditions permit, the maintenance-free battery can be charged with a charging device with current-voltage characteristics. The device can ensure a sufficient charge, and can avoid overcharging and consume more water.

Generally, this type of maintenance-free battery can be stored for 10 months from the factory to the use, and its voltage and battery capacity remain unchanged. At the time of purchase, choose a product that is 3 months away from the production date. You can check on the spot whether the voltage and battery capacity of the battery meet the requirements in the manual. If the voltage and battery capacity both decrease, it means that the material inside is not good. The quality of the battery is definitely not good either. It may be that the water-filled battery is disguised after being charged by the dealer.

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