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Knowledge of Air Intake and Ventilation System of Generator Set

Jan. 03, 2023

The generator set is a complex whole, which is composed of many parts. The main components include engine, alternator and control system. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce the knowledge of the intake, cooling and ventilation of the engine, the main component of the generator set.

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Intake air to the engine of the generator set:

The air supplying the engine fuel must be clean and as low as possible. Normally, the air filter installed on the engine is used for filtering around the generator set.

However, sometimes the air near the generator set is not suitable for use due to dust, heat and other reasons, so it is necessary to extract it from the clean air outside the building, or from another room, do not remove the air filter and install it far away, so that dirt can easily enter the engine. To do this, use the air input device approved by the manufacturer, otherwise it will bring adverse effects to the operation of the generator set.

Engine cooling and ventilation:

The engine, alternator and exhaust pipe emit heat, and the efficiency of the generator set will be affected when the temperature rises to a certain extent. Therefore, measures must be taken to keep the engine and alternator cool. The correct air flow route is that the air flows from the tail part, through the engine radiator, and then is discharged out of the room through a removable exhaust pipe. If there is no exhaust pipe to exhaust the hot air outside, the fan will disperse the hot air around, and the hot air will be short circuited back to the radiator, reducing the cooling effect.

The air inlet and outlet are large enough to allow air to enter and exit freely. The air vent is at least 1.5 times the area of the radiator core.

The air inlet and outlet shall be provided with shutters as protection against bad weather, so that the board can be fixed, but it is better to be movable when the day is cold, so that when the machine is not started, the window leaves can be viewed, which will keep the room warm and help the engine load. The shutter of the automatically started generator set must be automatically opened and closed, and it should be set to open automatically after the machine is started. When the heat exchange cooling system that does not rely on the radiator is adopted, the heat generated by the generator set still needs to be discharged outside.

The above are some notes on the intake, cooling and ventilation of the generator set. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to have a better understanding of the generator set.

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