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Knowledge Description of Generator Set Engine

Jan. 03, 2023

The engine is the power source of the generator set. It is an industrial, heavy-duty diesel internal combustion engine with reliable performance and high efficiency. It is specially designed for generating sets and is very suitable for driving generating sets. The following describes the main systems and how they are connected to the generator set.

diesel generator set

Cooling system: The engine cooling system consists of a radiator, an efficient push fan, a mechanically driven water pump and a thermostat. The fan is a push type, which cools the heat on the engine surface and alternator surface in the engine, while the heat inside the engine is cooled by the water circulation in the radiator. The thermostat keeps the coolant in the engine at the most effective operating temperature of the unit.

Note: The air circulation in the room where the legal dummy set is placed is very important to ensure the cooling of the machine, so the generator set will operate satisfactorily according to the corresponding installation steps.

Speed control of the engine: the speed control controller of the engine can stabilize the engine speed by mechanical or electronic equipment to adapt to changes in load. The speed of the engine is directly related to the output frequency of the alternator, so any change in engine speed will affect the frequency of power output.

The governor adjusts the engine speed and controls the amount of fuel. When the load increases to the alternator, the governor will add oil to the engine. When the load is reduced, the governor reduces the fuel flow.

Fuel system: the engine fuel system of medium and small power generator sets is directly equipped with a bottom oil tank on the unit base according to the user's needs. The oil tank is sufficient to supply the engine with 4-8 hours of full load operation.

The base oil tank can be connected to a large oil tank for manual or automatic oil delivery. In larger generator sets, there is no oil tank in the base, so a separated oil tank must be placed nearby to deliver oil to the engine. Refer to the detailed description of fuel system of generator set for detailed description of fuel tank.

Smoke exhaust system: one of the functions of smoke exhaust system is to reduce noise and discharge exhaust gas to a place that does not pose a hazard. In smaller generator sets, smoke exhaust silencers and pipes are directly installed on the engine. In larger generator sets, smoke exhaust silencers are separately provided to users for installation by location.

Starting aid method: It is not recommended to use ether combustion as starting aid, which will reduce the working life of the engine.

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