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Maintenance Keys for Diesel Fuel Injection Pump of Silent Generator Set 2

Jun. 23, 2022

It is necessary to regularly check the sealing condition of the valve coupler of the silent generator set on the machine: the fuel injection pump has been working for a period of time. By checking the sealing condition of the oil outlet valve, a rough judgment can be made on the wear of the plunger and the working condition of the oil pump, which is conducive to determining the repair. and maintenance methods. When checking, unscrew the high-pressure oil pipe joints of each cylinder, and use the hand oil pump of the oil delivery pump to pump oil. If oil flows out of the oil pipe joints at the top of the fuel injection pump, it means that the oil outlet valve is not well sealed(of course, if the oil outlet valve spring is broken, it will also If this happens), if there is a bad seal in the multi-cylinder, the fuel injection pump should be thoroughly debugged and maintained, and the coupler should be replaced.

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Use a standard high-pressure fuel pipe: During the fuel supply process of the fuel injection pump, due to the compressibility of diesel oil and the elasticity of the high-pressure fuel pipe, the high-pressure diesel oil will form pressure fluctuations in the pipe, and it takes a certain time for the pressure wave to transmit in the pipe. In order to ensure the supply of each cylinder the oil interval angle is the same, the oil supply is uniform, and the diesel engine works smoothly. The length and diameter of the high-pressure oil pipe are selected after calculation. Therefore, when the high-pressure oil pipe of a certain cylinder is damaged, the oil pipe of standard length and pipe diameter should be replaced. In actual use, due to the lack of standard oil pipes, other oil pipes are used instead, regardless of whether the length and diameter of the oil pipes are the same, so that the length and diameter of the oil pipes are very different. The advance angle and the amount of fuel supply change, resulting in unstable operation of the whole machine. Therefore, a standard high-pressure oil pipe must be used in use.

Regularly check the wear of the relevant keyways and fixing bolts: the relevant keyways and bolts mainly refer to the camshaft keyway, the coupling flange keyway (the oil pump that uses the coupling to transmit power), the semicircular key and the coupling fixing bolts. The camshaft keyway, flange keyway and semi-circular key of the fuel injection pump are worn for a long time, which makes the keyway wider, the semi-circular key is not installed firmly, and the advance angle of oil supply changes; in the severe case, the key rolls off, resulting in failure of power transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly and repair or replace worn parts in time.

It is necessary to replace the worn plunger and oil outlet valve pair in time: when it is found that the diesel engine of the silent generator set is difficult to start, the power decreases, and the fuel consumption increases, and the fuel injection pump and fuel injector are still not improved, the fuel injection pump column should be dismantled and inspected. The plug and the oil outlet valve coupler, such as the plunger and the oil outlet valve are worn to a certain extent, they should be replaced in time, and do not insist on reuse. Difficulty starting the diesel engine, increased fuel consumption, insufficient power and other losses caused by the wear of the coupler far exceed the cost of replacing the coupler, and the power and economy of the diesel engine will be significantly improved after replacement. Therefore, the worn parts should be replaced in time.

To properly maintain the accessories of the fuel injection pump: side cover of the pump body, oil dipstick, refueling plug (respirator), oil spill valve, oil pool screw plug, oil level screw, oil pump fixing bolt, etc., to ensure that they are in good condition. The work of the fuel injection pump plays a vital role. For example, the side cover can prevent the intrusion of impurities such as dust and water, the respirator (with a filter) can effectively prevent the deterioration of the oil, and the oil overflow valve ensures that the fuel system has a certain pressure and does not enter the air. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of these accessories, and repair or replace them in time if they are damaged or lost.

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