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Judging The Generator Set Working Condition by The Exhaust Port

May. 11, 2022

Due to wear and tear, the power of the generator set will drop after a period of time, which is a very normal phenomenon. Engine wear refers to the friction between the friction surfaces caused by the mutual contact between the running parts of the engine. If there is frictional resistance, there will be loss, which will cause the consumption of mechanical energy and convert it to release heat, resulting in wear and tear.

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Because the power part of the generator set slides or rotates relatively at a high speed, although there are different degrees of lubrication, with the increase of working time, the surfaces in contact with each other will inevitably wear down due to friction, parts wear, and power drop. One of the ways to judge the working condition of the mobile generator set is to observe the carbon deposition at the exhaust port.

The carbon deposit at the exhaust port of the generator set is black and gray, and the surface is covered with a layer of hoarfrost. The carbon deposit layer is not thick or thin, indicating that the diesel engine of the unit is in good working condition. The color of carbon deposits is black and bright but not wet, indicating that the generator set is slightly burning oil. If the carbon deposit on the exhaust port of a certain cylinder is thick, it means that the fuel injector of the cylinder is not working well or the sealing performance of the cylinder is deteriorated, and it should be repaired or replaced.

Wetness of individual exhaust ports or organic oil flow marks indicate that the cylinder is burning oil and should be checked and repaired. There are many reasons why the engine burns oil, such as severe wear of piston rings, severe wear of cylinders, severe wear of valve guides or failure of oil seals in guides, failure of oil seals of turbochargers, failure of check valves of crankcase ventilation pipes, etc., all of which may cause engine oil. into the combustion chamber. The carbon deposits on the exhaust ports of each cylinder are thicker and darker, mostly due to the fact that the working temperature is too low, or the fuel injection is too late, and the afterburning phenomenon is serious.

During the process of our mobile generator set, combustion will occur, and the sludge and carbon deposits produced by insufficient combustion will be adsorbed on the wall of the exhaust pipe, so after a period of use, the phenomenon of blackening of the exhaust pipe cannot be avoided. Serious carbon deposition is very likely to cause unstable idle speed, power drop, weak acceleration, etc., which will affect the normal working condition of the mobile generator set.

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