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Is It Worth to Buy Secondhand Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 27, 2019

When we need diesel generator set to use as standby or prime power supply, maybe we do not know clearly about it. We always do not know to purchase with whom. If buying a new diesel generator set, it is expensive. But if buying secondhand one, worry about the quality and after-sale service. After comparing, maybe many people choose secondhand diesel generator set. Today Starlight mainly talks about whether it is worth to buy secondhand diesel generator set.


For secondhand diesel generator set, price maybe is the most well advantage. Its price is more cheaper than new diesel generator set, there also are source of goods at any time. For the users who eager to use and short-term use.


But maybe there are also many problems:

1.If do not care, maybe we buy a diesel generator set which has not quality warranty period, even do not have after-sale service. If has faults during users using secondhand diesel generator set, they will pay money to repair it. This is not comparable to the free service provided by generator manufacturers.

2.The failure rate of the secondhand diesel generator set is relatively high, so it is impossible to inquire about the previous maintenance history, what faults happened in the previous use, and how the maintenance status is, and the accurate basis can not be obtained.

3.Fuel consumption is relatively high. Because components of genset age a lot, service life is short and maintenance costs is higher.


Thus, new diesel generator set is better than a secondhand diesel generator set.


Shangchai diesel generator

In terms of maintenance work, new diesel generator set is better than secondhand diesel generator set. Diesel generator manufacturers will send technicians to the site in time to debug the new diesel generator set for users free, conduct operator technical training, and clearly inform users the warranty period and warranty content.


In Starlight factory, the new diesel generator set is strictly tested before leaving the factory, and only after passing the test, it can leave the factory. In this way, the quality of diesel generator set is relatively stable and the failure rate is low. In addition, Starlight company tailor to the specific requirements of users to manufacturer the diesel generator set. For example, if when users have requirements on noise, we will produce silent diesel generator set. If used for construction site, we will produce mobile trailer diesel generator set, so that can meet requirements of users.


If you still prefer to buy secondhand diesel generator set, please pay much attention, do not buy reconditioned genset. In order to let more users know how to whether the diesel generator set is secondhand and good quality, here Starlight company also shares some methods:

1.Inquire purchased time and uses of the secondhand diesel generator set, and reasons for sale.

2.Inquire the past repair states, which main parts have been replaced, and what problems during past use, so as to have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the diesel generator set.

3.Check the label and appearances of secondhand diesel generator set. Inquire which manufacturer produced it, produce time; Check whether the appearance of the paint is falling off, whether the parts is defective, whether the genset model is eliminated. New machines generally don't have such problems.


Before buying secondhand diesel generator set, need to test carefully by rocking crankshaft, pulling flywheel, starting machine, etc. Testing is a very important step. The specific inspection steps are as follows:

1.Rotate the crankshaft to let injector nozzle supply fuel. If the injector nozzle makes a clear sound, it shows that the performance of the nozzle and plunger pair is good; if there is no abnormal sound such as "scream" in the wheel chamber, it indicates that the gear wear is not serious.

2.Pushing down the flywheel, if silent, indicates that there is little gap between the crankshaft main shaft stem and bearing bush.

3.Turn around the flywheel so that the piston approaches the bottom dead-end point, and then shake the flywheel left and right. If there is no "ticking" sound, it shows that the wear between the connecting rod shaft stem and the tile is not serious.

4.Reduce pressure of air cylinder, rotary crankshaft. When reduce pressure, if the rebound force of the piston is large and the flywheel rotates rapidly, it shows the wear degree of the cylinder, piston and piston ring is small.

5.When rotary crankshaft, the indicator of the engine oil pressure gauge should not be less than 1 or the red mark of the oil indication can be raised quickly and the pressure under the hand should be laborious.

6.Start the genset. If easy to start, smoke exhaust is colorless or light gray, and the speed is stable without noise, which shows that the technical condition of the secondhand diesel generator set is good.  


Even if we provide these inspection methods, we still do not suggest users to buy secondhand diesel generator set. Because this equipment must need to care quality, to avoid it can not work normally. Otherwise, maybe there are many problems. Here is our suggestion for your reference, hope can be helpful for you. More solution methods, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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