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Is It Better to Let a Perkins Diesel Generator Set Idle?

Sep. 21, 2019

In generally, it is no problem to let diesel generator set idle no more than 10 minutes. If idling for a long time, will cause diesel engine damage. In this article, we mainly talk about idling of Perkins generator.


1.What is diesel generator set idling?

Idle state, that means diesel generator set work without any load. That is to say, under this working condition, the generating set does not need to bear load, as long as it keeps the low speed required for smooth operation.


Perkins diesel generator

2. Why can not let Perkins diesel generator set idle for a long time?


A. If Perkins diesel generator set idles for a long time, it will also reduce the quality of fuel injection atomization, accelerate early wear of cylinder wall. Because the quality of atomization is directly related to the injection pressure, injector aperture and camshaft speed of Perkins diesel generator set. Because the injector aperture remains unchanged, the quality of fuel atomization depends on the injection pressure and camshaft speed. The slower the camshaft speed is, the longer the injection pressure increases, and the worse the fuel atomization quality. The camshaft speed changes with the change of diesel engine speed. Idling for a long time can lead to low combustion temperature and incomplete combustion of diesel engine, which may cause carbon deposit to block injector nozzle, piston ring or valve jam;


B. If coolant liquid temperature of Perkins diesel generator set is too low, those unburned diesel oil will wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall and dilute the oil. The motion parts of Perkins diesel generator set will not get the proper lubrication effect, and the parts will wear out prematurely;


C. Operating a diesel generator set at idling causes twice damage on internal parts compared to operating at regular speeds. Such damage can increase maintenance costs and shorten the life of the diesel generator;


D. Severe damage to the engine oil. Excessive idling shortens the life of the engine oil at a min. And may make the oil detrimental to the engine;


E. Unnecessary idling causes pollution. Idling a generator set can emit significant amounts of pollution, including carbon dioxide, which contributes to global climate change; nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, both of which contribute to the formation of ozone smog;poisonous carbon monoxide; and particulate matter.


Therefore, in the process of running Perkins diesel generator set, users must avoid excessive idle operation, and pay attention to the temperature of coolant liquid to ensure that the coolant liquid is in the normal temperature range, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to Perkins diesel generator set caused by these inappropriate operations.

Perkins generators


3. When we use diesel generator sets, there will inevitably be some faults, for example, the idle speed of diesel generators is unstable. How to deal with it?


A. First of all, we should check whether the oil supply of low-pressure oil circuit is smooth, whether the injected diesel oil meets the requirements, and whether the maintenance of generating units is timely, otherwise we should clean up, maintain and replace it;


B. If the generator set is not used for a long time or the fuel tank is not replenished in time, a small amount of air seeps into the oil pipeline, we should carry out the exhaust treatment;


C. If the generator set has been used for a long time, the fuel injection pump has been debugged many times, while without checking the wear situation of the governor, when debugging, should pay attention to check whether there is excessive wear at the connection of the governor element and the throttle rod. Otherwise, it should be replaced or welded. When welding and repairing rotating parts, should pay attention to the symmetry of quality to ensure balance;


D. Idle speed is unstable and accompanied by vibration, which is caused by uneven fuel supply of fuel injection pump. It can be checked by cylinder-by-cylinder oil cut-off method. If the broken cylinder does not cause the change of rotational speed, it indicates that the cylinder is insufficient in fuel supply or that the atomization of the injector is not good. The injector should be checked first, then check the injection pump;


E. If the idle stabilization device is not adjusted properly, it should be repaired on the test bed.


It is not better to lat a Perkins diesel generator set idle for a long time, so hope users when using generator set pay attention this problem.


Above is Starlight power’s some ideas on Perkins generator idling, hope it can be helpful for all of you. Starlight Perkins  diesel generator covers open type, silent type, container type and trailer mobile type, power range is from 20kw to 1980kw, if you want to know more about diesel generators, you can browse our website: www.dieselgeneratortech.com, or by email: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will provide you with more professional services.

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