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Is It Better to Buy All Copper Generator or Aluminum Generator?

Mar. 23, 2020

The diesel generator set is divided into two parts, one is the power part, the other is the electric ball part. Now common generator on the market are all copper wire generator, half copper and half aluminum wire generator and all aluminum wire generator.  

copper generator at Starlight workshop

There are coils, stators and rotors in the generator. The so-called copper wire aluminum wire is the stator rotor coil is copper wire or aluminum wire. Is it better to buy all copper wire generator or aluminum wire generator? Starlight Power recommends all copper wire generator, why? Our ideas as follow:

1. All copper generators are more durable

The resistance of aluminum is larger than that of copper, and the heat generated in the use process is higher, so it is easy to burn the generator. Moreover, the welding of aluminum and copper can not be naturally integrated, and the connection point of power line is easy to be burned out, which leads to the whole life of aluminum wire motor water pump far lower than that of pure copper wire generator water pump.

2.All copper wire generator is more energy-saving

The resistance of the circuit component is in direct proportion to the heating value, and the heating value is high when the resistance is high. All copper wire has smaller resistance than aluminum wire, also low heating, smooth current, no waste of heat, more energy saving.

3.All copper wire generator is quieter

For every 3 dB increase in noise, the noise energy will be doubled. The noise of aluminum wire generator is 7 dB higher than that of copper wire generator, so the noise of aluminum wire generator is more than twice that of copper wire generator.

In fact, the movement of the generator is mainly used for conducting electricity, and the conductivity of metal materials is relatively good. Let's look at the reference value of metal conductivity:

The conductivity of copper wire in the motor is 58.13%, aluminum wire is 35.33%. From these values we can conclude that copper are more effective for conducting electricity. So in the selection of generator, Starlight Power recommends that you choose all copper generator.

The stator coil used to be all copper wire, but with the improvement of wire making technology, copper-clad aluminum core wire appeared. Different from the copper-clad aluminum wire, the copper-clad aluminum core wire is made of a special mold, and the copper layer is much thicker than the copper plating. There is not much difference in the performance of generator stator coil with copper clad aluminum core wire, but the service life is much shorter than that of all copper stator coil.

Because the material of generator coil is different, price of diesel generator set will be different. As a standby power supply genset, we recommend customer to choose all copper wire generator. When we buy diesel generator set, we should pay attention. Buying all copper wire generator is better than aluminum wire at the same price.

How to identify copper wire generator and aluminum wire generator?

The direct way is to dismantle the stator coil of the generator and scrape the insulating paint on the surface of the enameled wire with a blade: the purple red one is copper, and the silver white one is aluminum wire. After the test, we should cover insulating paint on it to strengthen the insulation. If you are professional, you can identify from the difference between resistance and power reduction when generating electricity.

 copper generator at Starlight workshop

Starlight Power has two factories in Jiangsu China, one for assembling diesel generator set, one is for producing generator(our own brand Starlight). The coil material of our generator is all copper wire, every parts is made by our factory. And all of our diesel generator sets are with all copper wire generator. If you are interested, welcome to contact us.

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