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Introduction to The Running-in and Use of Diesel Generators

May. 19, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce the running-in and use of diesel generators.

Preheating of diesel generator: The diesel generator will be preheated when the no-load speed is 700r/min and gradually increased to 1000~1200r/min. When the outlet water temperature reaches 55°C and the oil temperature reaches 45°C Full load operation is allowed.

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Running-in of diesel generators: New diesel generators or overhauled diesel generators must be run-in before starting to use. After the parts are processed, different degrees of knife marks will always be left on the surface. If the work is carried out immediately without a certain running-in, it will cause serious wear and tear of parts and components, affecting the service life of diesel generators or failure. , until damaged.

Power output of diesel generators: WD series diesel generators output power from the flywheel end. When in use, it is forbidden to directly install the belt pulley on the flywheel end to drag the implements laterally, because the output power will easily cause the crankshaft and the main bearing to directly bear the lateral force If it is damaged, when the coupling is used to connect the tool, the centerline of the tool and the centerline of the crankshaft should be on the same axis. If an elastic coupling is used, its coaxiality should not be greater than 0.30mm; if a rigid coupling is used, its coaxiality should not be greater than 0.10mm.

The front end of the crankshaft of the diesel engine can output part of the power, and its rated output power is not more than 50kW, but at this time, a transmission shaft support, clutch, etc. should be installed between the front axle and the driven equipment. If it is directly dragged horizontally, it is not allowed to exceed 11kW, so as not to damage the front axle, main bearing and transmission gear of the diesel generator. For models with a fan, it is absolutely not allowed to directly drag the machine to drive the machine. The user must pay attention: the diesel engine is not allowed to start with load, so there should be a clutch device between the diesel generator and the load device that cannot run without load, and the diesel generator should be started with the clutch disengaged.

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