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Introduction to Safety Inspection of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 18, 2021

Regarding the introduction to the safety inspection of Cummins diesel generator set, the maintenance of Cummins diesel generator set can not correctly judge and analyze the fault, and the phenomenon of blindly dismantling and unloading is commonplace. Some maintenance personnel were not clear about the mechanical structure and principle of Cummins diesel generator sets, did not carefully analyze the cause of the failure, and could not accurately determine the fault location. They blindly dismantled Cummins diesel generator sets with the idea of "approximately, almost", and the results were not only The original fault has not been eliminated, and due to poor maintenance skills and craftsmanship, new problems have appeared. For example, a 120KW Cummins diesel generator has failed to work due to insufficient power and mechanical failure at a certain station.

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The maintenance personnel disassembled and disassembled the PT fuel injection pump and the fuel injector, but did not find the cause of the failure, replaced a fuel injection pump and tested it, and the failure persisted. After checking, the fault is caused by excessive impurities and moisture in the diesel used. However, the disassembly has caused a significant decrease in the performance of the PT fuel injection pump, and the power of the Cummins diesel generator set is insufficient. Therefore, when the machinery fails, it must be tested by detecting Cummins diesel generator sets; if there is no Cummins diesel generator set, the traditional fault judgment methods and means such as "ask, see, check, and test" can be combined with Cummins diesel power generation. The structure and working principle of the unit, determine the location where the failure may occur.

When judging the failure of Cummins diesel generator sets, the "removal method" and "comparative method" are generally used, and proceed in the order from simple to complex, first appearance, then internal, first assembly and then parts. Unloading." Blindly replacing the parts of Cummins diesel generator sets and blindly "repairing parts" exists to varying degrees. It is relatively difficult to judge and eliminate the faults of Cummins diesel generator sets. Some maintenance personnel have always adopted the method of replacement test, regardless of large or small parts. As long as it is considered to be the component that may cause the failure, replace the test one by one.

As a result, not only the fault was not eliminated, but also the parts that should not be replaced were replaced at will, which increased the maintenance cost. During maintenance, the cause and location of the failure should be carefully analyzed and judged based on the failure phenomenon. Repair methods should be taken to restore the technical performance of the repairable parts, and the practice of blind replacement of parts should be avoided. Measurements must be taken during maintenance, and parts that do not meet the clearance requirements must be adjusted or replaced. In the actual maintenance work, there are many phenomena of blindly assembling parts without measuring the fit clearance, leading to early bearing wear or ablation, Cummins diesel generator burning oil, starting difficulty or deflagration, piston ring breakage, mechanical impact, oil leakage , Air leakage and other faults. Sometimes even due to improper fit clearance of parts, serious mechanical damage accidents may occur.

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