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Introduction to Crank Linkage of Generator Set

Dec. 14, 2022

The generator set piston and piston pin adopt clearance fit. During assembly, place the small end of the connecting rod between the two pin holes of the piston. Note that the forward arrow marks on the connecting rod are in the same direction Install the pin into the pin hole, tap it gently with a soft metal hammer or a wooden hammer, and then install the retaining ring. After installation, the piston and connecting rod shall be able to swing freely without blocking, and then install the piston ring. When installing the piston ring, the side with the marked surface shall face upward, and it is better to use special tooling.

standby generator set

There are three piston rings on each piston of the generator set. The first one is a gas ring, which is mainly used to seal high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The ring is a trapezoidal molybdenum sprayed ceramic flexible barrel face ring, which has very good cylinder liner compliance and high-temperature wear resistance, and has a good effect of anti sticking snap ring. The second ring is the oil scraper ring, which is a cone face ring, mainly used for sealing gas and oil scraper. The third ring is an oil ring component, which is a combined ring, mainly used for oil scraping. To ensure the sealing performance, the axial clearance and closing clearance of the piston ring must meet the specified values in Table 1. The method for measuring the closing clearance is to place the piston ring flat in the cylinder liner hole (push it flat with the piston), and measure the closing clearance of the ring with a feeler gauge.

When the piston connecting rod of the generator set is assembled into the cylinder liner, the arrow on the top of the piston must point to the front end of the engine. The openings of the three piston rings should be staggered to ensure the sealing performance. When assembling the connecting rod bolts, the connecting rod bolts should be able to be screwed to the end by hand and then tightened with a torque wrench. The tightening torque of connecting rod bolts is 160+/- 10N M. Tighten evenly in three times. After tightening, ensure that the crankshaft can rotate flexibly. The piston is an internal cooling oil passage piston, which is cooled by spraying oil through the piston cooling spray hook to ensure effective cooling of the piston without overheating.

The cooling spray hook of the generator set must pass the target test to ensure that the engine oil can be sprayed into the time surface of the piston oil passage. The second gear of the crankshaft is equipped with a thrust plate to prevent the crankshaft from moving forward and backward. The axial clearance of the crankshaft must be 0.102-0305mm.

The flywheel of the generator set and the rear flange of the crankshaft shall be positioned and assembled. During the assembly, attention shall be paid to keeping the joint surface clean and intact. The solid bolts of the flywheel shall be crossed diagonally and tightened evenly several times with a tightening torque of 200+/- 20N. M.

The crankshaft pulley shock absorber is combined with the crankshaft with bolts that cross diagonally. The tightening torque is 110+/- 10N. M.

When installing the oil pump for the generator set, the tooling shall be used to ensure the coaxiality between the mounting hole of the front oil seal on the oil pump and the crankshaft. If there is no tooling, the coaxiality must be checked. The coaxiality is required to be less than or equal to 0.3. When the coaxiality exceeds, it is easy to cause the fracture of the oil pump rotor.

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