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Internal Structure Characteristics of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 25, 2022

In fact, the rotor of the diesel generator set is not a permanent magnet (ordinary magnet). In order to obtain and control the magnetic field strength more easily, the rotor is actually an electromagnet. Large diesel generator sets are connected by three phases. In order to improve the power generation capacity, the output voltage of diesel generator sets is generally about several thousand volts. In this way, according to P=UI, the current can be reduced to reduce the wire loss.

diesel power generator

The stator has three windings, which are placed separately at a 120 degree viewing point. In this way, one of the two end points of the three windings is tied together, which is the neutral line (zero line). The line at the other end point of the other three windings is the phase line (front). The rotor is generally a 2-6 pole rotor, because the number of poles of the rotor directly determines the frequency of power generation, but the power supply in China is 50HZ, that is, 50 times per second to cut the magnetic induction line, Or cut the magnetic induction line 3000 times per minute. At this time, if it is a single pole (only one electromagnet rotor) rotation, it needs 3000 revolutions.

If the 2-pole is used, only 1500 revolutions are required. For 6-pole, only 500 revolutions are required (the formula is 3000 rpm ÷ number of poles=speed). In fact, each of these poles is a winding. They pass through carbon brushes and receiving rings (not commutators, but rings, which allow power to flow into the rotor but do not affect the rotor's work) and send a small part of the electricity declared by the stator to the rotor for excitation after rectification. Just control the excitation current, you can control the magnetic field strength, and control the generation voltage and current.

Because even if there is no current flowing through the coil, the rotor of the diesel generator set has a small amount of remanence (remanent magnetism, that is, the steel is magnetized by a small amount) and then only needs to work. The stator can slowly set up the voltage even if it announces a small amount of electricity, and then set up the current to work. If the new unit or a small amount of remanence is gone, it can be connected to an external power supply for excitation, and then turn to self excitation after the voltage is set up, Large diesel generator sets generate electricity in this way.

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