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Inspection the Cylinder Flatness of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 22, 2022

When the cylinder block of Volvo diesel generator set operation, it is easily affected by overload operation or failure of cooling system and lubrication system, resulting in deformation, warpage or damage. The inspection of the flatness of the cylinder block of the Volvo diesel generator set can generally be carried out in the following two methods.

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Check with straightening gauge: On the upper plane of the cleaned cylinder, use the straightening gauge and feeler gauge to check. Put the straightening gauge on the upper plane of the cylinder, and measure the joint gap with a feeler gauge to obtain the flatness. During the inspection, the straightening gauge should be measured at the six vertical and horizontal cross positions of the upper plane of the cylinder to obtain accurate measurement values. Longitudinal: 0.076mm. Lateral: 0.051mm. Check with a straightening plate: evenly apply carbon black or ink on the top surface of the cleaned cylinder, then place the straightening plate on it, and observe the carbon black or the plane on the cylinder. Traces of ink can be used to determine the warped part of the cylinder plane.

The repair method for the flatness of the cylinder block of the Volvo diesel generator set: The center of the main bearing hole must be guaranteed to the height of the top surface. When the warped part of the cylinder block plane is checked, the upper plane of the cylinder block should be repaired by grinding and milling.

(1) In the process of repairing the top surface of the cylinder block, the main bearing hole and the cylinder hole should be used as the reference for processing and positioning.

(2) The top surface of each cylinder is allowed to be repaired for two uses at most.

(3) The upper right corner of the rear face of the cylinder is used to mark the top face after repair.

(4) It must be ensured that the parallelism between the top surface and the center of the main bearing hole is less than 0.05 mm per 508 mm length.

(5) The roughness of the top surface should be less than 3.2um.

(6) Check the flatness of the top surface, which is required to be within the following ranges:

(7) After the top surface is repaired, a thickened cylinder head gasket must be used during assembly to ensure the correct clearance from the piston to the valve.

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