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Influence of Volvo Genset Design Parameters on Emissions

Mar. 29, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the impact of Volvo generator set design parameters on emissions.

Influence of fuel system design parameters on emissions: Volvo generator set fuel system design parameters have a decisive impact on Volvo generator set emissions. High-pressure injection is the main measure for reducing particle emissions for modern Volvo generator sets. The fuel injection curve adjusts the fuel consumption and emission indicators to the best level according to the requirements of slowing down and then pressing. Dual fuel injection has been tested, but it is obviously difficult to be practical. For example, injecting fuel with high cetane number first to reduce NOx emissions, and then adding fuel with low cetane number such as methanol, which can reduce PM emissions and so on. Reducing the volume of the high-pressure fuel bag of the injector can reduce HC emissions, but the zero-volume design is not easy to obtain good injection quality because it is required at the top of the injector to achieve flow pattern changes. The next 4 parameters are the parameters that are traditionally debugged on the single-cylinder test machine, and they are adjusted to make BSFC, BSNOx, BSHC, BSPM appear optimal values.

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Influence of generator design parameters on emissions: The impact of Volvo generator set design parameters on emissions has been less studied, and there is no very positive opinion. Usually for high-speed and heavy-duty Volvo generator sets, naturally aspirated £=13, the compression ratio is too small to affect the starting performance, and the high compression ratio leads to the increase of the maximum combustion pressure and the increase of heat transfer loss, which ultimately makes the BSFC not much improved. , In addition, the NOx emission increases, and the PM emission does not improve much, so the compression ratio is essentially a parameter that is debugged on a single-cylinder testing machine. In high-power two-stroke engines, a large S/D value is generally used to improve economy. In four-stroke generators, four valves are generally arranged on the cylinder head, so a square design with S/D=1.0 is used. In addition, the long stroke increases the friction loss, and only the low-speed design is more suitable.

The smaller gap between the piston and cylinder liner the better. It is mainly limited by process factors, the small gap can increase the air utilization, but it is worth pointing out that the air existing in the gap of the Volvo generator set is not a source of HC emissions.

The shape of the combustion chamber pits is also an optimized parameter on the single-cylinder test machine. For small-bore high-speed Volvo generator sets, it is extremely important to organize the air swirl, because the collision of the oil beam and the combustion chamber wall limits the application of high-pressure injection for small-bore Volvo generator sets, and the shape of the combustion chamber has a great influence on mixing, especially in expansion. Early in the stroke, fuel products are ejected from the combustion chamber, resulting in remixing, so it is desirable to use a reentrant shape combustion chamber.

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