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The Influence of New Diesel Generator Not Running-in After Overhaul

Dec. 24, 2021

What should we do if the new diesel generator is overhauled without running-in? After the new diesel generator has been overhauled, the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, and bearing bushes have been replaced. It has not been fully run-in and loaded with load, causing early wear and tear of the parts. And some also show the phenomenon of cylinder pulling and tile burning. After the diesel generator is cold-started, the oil viscosity is high and the flow resistance is also large, which makes the time lag for the oil to enter the friction pair, and all parts of the diesel engine are not fully lubricated, causing the gears and bearings of the diesel analyzer to be damaged due to poor lubrication , but also aggravated the wear of the cylinder and the bearing bush.

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Especially supercharged diesel generators will cause ablation of the turbocharger's shaft. For this reason, the supercharged diesel generators should be idling for a while after starting, the standby oil temperature will rise, the fluidity will improve, and the turbocharger will be fully lubricated. Speed, which is more important in cold winters. This bulldozer was unloaded from the carrier vehicle during the cold winter season. The driver started the engine and drove towards the construction site at high speed. The next day, it was discovered that the diesel generator could run idling, but it could not turn under load. It turned out that the turbocharger ablated the shaft due to poor lubrication, and the air intake in the cylinder was reduced accordingly, and the power of the diesel generator was greatly reduced.

When the turbocharged diesel generator suddenly turns off when it is running at high speed, the oil pump immediately stops rotating, and the oil in the turbocharger also stops flowing. If the temperature of the exhaust manifold is very high at this time, its heat will be absorbed into the turbocharger housing, and the oil that stays there will be roasted into carbon deposits, blocking the oil inlet, causing the bushing to run out of oil, and speeding up the shaft and the shaft. The wear and tear of the shaft sleeve may even cause serious consequences of "seizure". Therefore, the supercharged diesel engine must be unloaded before stopping, let it idle for a few minutes, and then turn off the diesel generator after the temperature drops.

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