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Idle Limit Time of Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 10, 2022

The idle state is the idling working state of the diesel generator set, that is to say, in this management working environment state, the diesel generator set does not need to carry the load, as long as we maintain the minimum speed required during the smooth operation.

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The idle time of the diesel generator set should not be too long, and the diesel injection will reduce the atomization quality and accelerate the early wear of the cylinder wall. Because the quality of the atomization technology is mainly related to the injection pressure of the diesel generator set, the diameter of the injector and the speed of the camshaft.

Since the aperture size of different injectors remains unchanged, the quality of fuel atomization technology depends on the injection pressure and camshaft speed. The slower the camshaft speed is, the longer the fuel injection pressure will continue to rise, the worse the quality of the fuel through the atomization technology, and the camshaft speed changes with the working speed of the diesel engine. Too long idle speed will cause the diesel generator set diesel engine combustion temperature to be too low, the injection pressure is low, and the combustion is incomplete, which may cause carbon deposits to block the injection holes of the injector, piston rings or valves to be stuck.

In addition, if the cooling water temperature of the diesel generator set is too low, the unburned diesel will wash the oil film on the cylinder wall, the oil will be diluted, the various moving parts in the unit will not be able to lubricate normally, and the premature wear of the cylinder will pull cylinder. Poor oil supply, serious blow-by gas, and excessive contact stress of parts destroying the oil film are the main reasons for the diesel generator set to pull the cylinder.

After the diesel generator set is started, especially in winter, it should run at idle speed for 8~5min, and the standby oil pressure can reach 0.25mPa before allowing students to gradually develop and accelerate; when the water temperature is higher than 75C, the oil temperature is generally higher than 80C, and the oil pressure When it is significantly higher than 0.25mPa, it can start to work at full load. Under the influence of the cooling liquid temperature, lubricating oil temperature, fuel combustion temperature, etc., the engine can maintain a good working condition. 3-5 minutes is when the diesel generator set is idling before the engine shuts down, and then the supercharger speed is reduced until it stops.

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