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Method to Identify Whether Diesel Generator Lubricating Oil Deteriorated

Nov. 17, 2021

Regarding how to identify whether Volvo diesel generator lubricating oil has deteriorated, you can distinguish it by these characteristics. After lubrication, the deterioration is dark black, foamy and emulsified. Grinding with your fingers, there are particles, astringent or peculiar smell, dripping on the white test paper is dark brown with no yellow infiltration area or many black spots. If the lubricating oil is not replaced in time, it will accelerate the wear of parts, affect the service life, and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is particularly important to check whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated and replace it in time. Several simple identification methods are introduced as follows:

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Observation of oil flow: Take two measuring cups, one of which contains the lubricant to be checked, and the other empty on the table. Lift the measuring cup full of lubricant 30-40 cm away from the table and tilt it to slow down the lubricant. Slowly flow into the empty cup and observe its flow. The oil flow of good quality lubricating oil should be slender, uniform, and continuous.

Illumination method: On a sunny day, use a screwdriver to lift up the lubricating oil tank cover and make an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Contrast with sunlight and observe the condition of oil droplets. Under sunlight, it can be clearly seen that there is no wear debris in the lubricating oil as good, and it can continue to function. If there are too many wear debris, the lubricating oil should be replaced.

Twisting method: Twist the lubricating oil between the thumb and the index finger for repeated grinding. The unpolluted lubricating oil feels less particles and abrasion debris. If you feel a large friction feeling such as sand particles between your fingers, it indicates impurities in the lubricating oil If it is too much, it can no longer be used, and it should be replaced with new lubricating oil.

Smell method: This method is mainly used to check whether there is too much fuel in the oil, whether the oil has been oxidized and deteriorated (whether the oil has a vague smell) The above methods are simple methods used without detection equipment In order to more clearly determine whether the oil product has reached the oil change period or the quality of the new oil product is good or bad, it is necessary to use special testing equipment for more scientific testing.

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