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How to Use The Diesel Generator Set Multimeter

Mar. 08, 2022

For the use of diesel generator sets, the most correct way should be preventive maintenance. Diesel generator set maintenance refers to equipment inspection and maintenance to maintain, restore and improve the performance state of the generator set. These include maintenance to keep the unit in good technical condition, and repairs to restore function after a unit failure. The basic contents of diesel generator set maintenance include: generator set maintenance, generator set inspection and equipment repair.

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The scope of maintenance of diesel generator sets is not only the maintenance activities that the unit fails to operate, but also includes the daily maintenance work such as cleaning, inspection, lubrication, tightening and adjustment to maintain the performance of the generator set; in order to measure the depreciation degree or performance of the unit necessary inspections to reduce the severity.

The main maintenance methods of traditional diesel generator sets are: lubrication, repair welding, machining, scrapping and updating, error correction, scale cleaning, etc. For the maintenance of generator sets, some measuring tools are often used, such as thickness gauges (or feeler gauges), vernier calipers, cylinder pressure gauges, multimeters, etc. The most common tool is the multimeter.

A multimeter is a multi-functional, multi-range measuring instrument, which is always inseparable from electronic and electrical technology. General multimeters can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio level, etc., and some can also measure capacitance, inductance and some parameters of semiconductors (such as β). If it is simply distinguished by the display mode, multimeters can be divided into pointer multimeters and digital multimeters.

The three basic functions of a multimeter are to measure resistance, voltage, and current, so the seniors call it a three-meter. Today's multimeters have added many new functions, especially digital multimeters, such as measuring capacitance value, triode magnification, diode voltage drop, etc. There is also a talking digital multimeter that can broadcast the measurement results in language.

Taking the MODEL500 pointer multimeter as an example, this paper introduces how to use the multimeter, which is one of the necessary tools for diesel generator set maintenance: the zero adjuster "S3" must be adjusted before use, so that the pointer accurately indicates the zero position of the scale. Measurement of DC voltage: Insert the red and black test leads of the test rod into "+" and "1" respectively, switch the switch knob "S," to the "V" position, switch knob "S2" to the DC to be measured At the corresponding limit position of the voltage, connect the red and black test leads of the test rod across the two ends of the circuit under test. When it is impossible to estimate the level of the DC voltage under test, turn the switch knob to the * range position, and then proceed. Measurement. If the pointer is deflected in the opposite direction when measuring the DC voltage, just exchange the positions of the red and black test pens.

AC voltage measurement: switch the switch knob "Sl" to the "V" position, switch knob "S2" to the corresponding range position of the AC voltage to be measured, the measurement method is basically the same as the DC voltage measurement. Resistance measurement: turn the switch knob "S2" to the "Ω" position, turn the switch knob "s." to the "Ω" range, short-circuit the red and black test leads, deflect the pointer to full scale, and adjust the potentiometer "R1 makes the pointer point to the "Ω" position of the ohm scale, and then use the red and black test pens to measure the resistance to be measured separately. No matter what industry it is, all equipment or machines with electrical circuits are inseparable from maintenance. Turn on the multimeter.

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