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How to Test The Valve Spring of Cummins Diesel Generator

Aug. 23, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce how to test the valve spring of Cummins diesel generator.

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When checking the valve springs of Cummins diesel generators, attention should be paid to: no cracks or breaks; the free length of the spring and the corresponding pressure within the specified length should comply with the original manufacturer's regulations. When the valve elasticity is weakened and the wire diameter is not worn, heat treatment and repairing the straightening length are allowed; in general, the free length shall not exceed 3mm, the elasticity shall not exceed 1/10 of the original regulation, and the perpendicularity between the spring end face and the center line shall not exceed 2° .

For the detection method of spring bending and twisting deformation, place the spring on a flat plate and check it with a 90° ruler. If it exceeds 2°, it should be replaced. If the diameter of the wire is not significantly deformed, but not reduced by wear, heat treatment repair of the length is allowed.

The free length of the valve spring can be measured with a plate ruler, or it can be compared with the new spring to see if it meets the requirements. The free length and elastic size can be tested with a valve spring tester. After pressing the spring to a certain length as specified, observe whether the pressure meets the requirements. If the spring is compressed to a certain length, it is obviously lower than the specified value, indicating that the spring has lost its normal elasticity, and the new spring should be replaced with normal elasticity.

If the spring detection device is not used, it can also be detected by a simple detection method. Boldly place a standard elastic spring and a test spring, with a piece of iron in the middle, clamp it on a vise, and press it with a vise, it is long. In general, a=b, but if b is much smaller than a, It means that the new elasticity is too poor and should be replaced.

When there is a lack of equipment, if the valve spring is weakened due to its elasticity, and the free length is shortened and new parts are not replaced, the method of adding a washer can also be used to make it reach the desired elasticity, but it must be checked after heating the ring. When the tappet is pushed up by the cam to compress the spring to the highest point, it is required that there is still a certain gap between the coils of the spring, otherwise the cam will be damaged. Tappets, etc., causing undue losses. Therefore, it is stipulated that the thickness of the added gasket should not exceed 2mm. It should be pointed out that valve springs with weakened elasticity or shortened free length can be repaired by appropriate methods.

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