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How to Solve The Black Smoke of The Diesel Generator Set?

Nov. 26, 2021

Do you know how to solve the black smoke from the diesel generator set? First of all, we analyze the solution as follows. Before checking the black smoke from the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set, we should remove the air filter first. If the diesel generator set emits black smoke The condition disappeared, indicating that black smoke was formed due to the severe blockage of the air filter and the lack of air intake. At the same time, check whether there is any blockage in the air inlet pipe, such as flattening of the air inlet hose. If the fuel injection time is too late, the diesel cannot be completely burned in the cylinder. In a cold car state, the exhaust pipe generally emits off-white smoke, and black smoke will be emitted when the engine temperature is normal. Whether the injection timing is correct or not will not only cause smoke from the exhaust pipe, but also have a great impact on the engine's power and economy.

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Therefore, when dealing with problems such as smoke and weakness of diesel generator sets, first check whether the fuel injection timing is correct. When there is a problem with the fuel injector, the single-cylinder oil cut method can be used to check the operating status of each cylinder. If the engine speed change is not significant after a cylinder is cut off, and the discharged black smoke disappears, it indicates that the cylinder is discharged due to poor spray and dripping from the fuel injector. It is worth noting that when replacing a new fuel injector assembly, you should pay attention to using the same model, different models of fuel injectors, the number of nozzle holes, eruption point of view and spray quality are different, if mixed, it will affect the amount of fuel injection, eruption Continuation time and the composition of the mixed gas and normal incineration.

Secondly, if the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too much or the fuel supply of each cylinder is too uneven, it will cause the exhaust pipe to emit black smoke. Therefore, it is necessary to readjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump. If the smoke limiter is improperly adjusted, it will also cause black smoke from the exhaust pipe. Adjusting the smoke limiter adjustment screw outwards can reduce the amount of smoke, but too much adjustment will cause the engine to become weak. The severe abrasion of the compressor wheel or turbine of the supercharger will reduce the intake air volume and form the exhaust pipe to emit black smoke. The exhaust pipe gasket or the supercharger interface gasket is severely leaking, which will also result in a lack of air intake, black smoke from the exhaust pipe or reduced engine power.

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