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How to Repair The Hydrogen Leakage of Volvo Diesel Generator Set?

Apr. 27, 2022

Starlight Power Generation Equipment will briefly introduce how to find the hydrogen leakage problem of Volvo diesel generator sets. If any else you need to know, welcome to visit our website, and then we will introduce the related content to you.

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After the Volvo diesel generator set is out of service, the leak is found, and the air tightness test of the generator is usually done after the hydrogen is replaced by the air. When the generator is running, find the leak, and use the trace hydrogen analyzer to find the hydrogen leak. If hydrogen is detected on the cooling water discharge side of the hydrogen cooler, it should be confirmed that there is a leak in the cooler; if the nitrogen flow meter of the stator cooling water is moving, it should be confirmed that the stator cooling water pipe is leaking

Install a hydrogen leakage online continuous monitor. After finding the hydrogen leak point, if it is on the Volvo diesel generator end cover or some joint surfaces, it can be sealed with sealant; if there is a leak in the hydrogen cooler, it can be blocked individually. For 300MW generators, there are generally four groups of a total of four groups. Eight coolers, but rarely one block has little impact on the output of Volvo diesel generator sets, but the resulting temperature error of the hydrogen outlet of the hydrogen cooler is very large, which will cause certain damage. And when it is under high load, if its operation is resumed, it will also cause changes in the outlet hydrogen temperature of other normal operating coolers, which is very troublesome for operators to adjust.

At present, according to the Volvo diesel generator sets of various power plants, the main hydrogen leakage part is in the hydrogen cooler, and some leaking cooling water pipes are sealed with plugs, so that the number of effective cooling pipes is reduced, which affects the cooling effect and repeatedly blocks leakage. Form a large amount of work. According to the number of years of operation of the Volvo diesel generator set, the new cooler should be completely replaced when the Volvo diesel generator set is out of service for maintenance. If it is confirmed that the stator cooling water pipe is leaking, it can only be stopped.

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