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How to Repair the Damage Body of Diesel Generator Set?

Jan. 26, 2022

Do you know how to repair the damaged diesel generator set? The diesel generator set is made of gray cast iron and bears various internal and external loads during work. Usually the cylinder block of the engine, the damage in the form of freezing. This is the biggest loss caused by diesel generator sets in winter. Cracks in the engine body can only be repaired where there is no stress in cold welding. First, plug the crack at both ends, put nails along the crack, repair the debris perpendicular to the direction of the crack, weld firmly along the crack, and repair it with a mild steel electrode. When welding, please tap the welding with a hammer, and please pay attention to the flame correction after welding. The bearing holes of the upper and lower balance shaft ends 205 are worn. Dental condition requires immediate repair. If the bearing bore is a little worn, it can be fixed by increasing the bearing circumference by 205.

diesel standby generator

The metal wire is symmetrically welded on the small point of the bearing outer ring, corrected with a knife, and then pressed on the bearing hole for use. Another method is to use a 2mm thick iron plate to make a large plate with an inner hole of 50mm, make 3 line holes on the plate and the main body, and fix it with flat head screws. If the bearing hole is seriously worn, the original hole can be drilled, inserted into the sleeve, three plain holes are drilled at the connection between the inserted sleeve and the gas, and fixed with screws. The bolt holes in the cylinder head are slipping or broken. This is because the force applied when tightening the head nut or securing the cylinder is too great.

If it is a single wire hole slip wire, you can replace the wire again and machine the cylinder head bolts that match the wire holes. The line hole is broken, and the multi-line hole sliding line cannot be repaired. After opening the hole with a steel cone, seal it with aluminum wire, or seal it with spot welding.

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