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How to Repair Damaged Gears in Diesel Generators?

Dec. 25, 2023

Damaged gears in diesel generators can be repaired using reversing method, ring gear insertion method, ring gear insertion method, welding method, and screw tooth making method. This article is introduced in detail by professional diesel generator manufacturers.

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1. Reversing method: The gear tooth surface has unidirectional wear and is not very severe. If the structure allows, the gear can be repositioned or flipped 180 ° to use its non worn side. But it is best to use it in pairs for flipping, or replace the gears that match it with new ones to ensure normal meshing of the gears.

2. Ring gear method: A tower gear is made up of several gears together, and the degree of damage to each gear varies. For example, if the teeth of individual gears are worn, the ring gear can be replaced for repair. First, anneal the gears that need to be repaired, remove all worn teeth, and manufacture a gear ring gear that is pressed onto the area where the teeth are removed. To prevent the new gear ring from loosening, spot welding can be used along the circumference of the joint between the gear ring and the gear, or drilling holes and driving stable nails to fix it.

3. Inlay ring method: For gears with low load and low speed, after individual teeth are removed, the inlay ring method can be used for local updates. The repair method is to carve out a trapezoidal groove at the root of the damaged gear teeth on a planer or by a fitter, press in a new tooth blank with a certain degree of tightness that matches the groove shape, weld it firmly, and process it into shape.

4. Overlay welding method: In case of individual or several gear teeth wear or tooth end wear exceeding the limit, one or several layers of metal can be overlaid on the entire or partial surface of the gear teeth according to the damage situation of the gear. The welding repair of gears can be divided into electric welding and gas welding. Welding repair gears, simple operation, and good repair quality.

5. Screw tooth making method: Remove the teeth from the gear, clean it thoroughly, use a vernier caliper to accurately measure the thickness of the tooth root, and file the tooth loss area flat with a file and clean it thoroughly. According to the thickness of the tooth root, select a screw with the corresponding diameter and a thread length of no less than 1.5-2cm. Then, use a bench drill to drill holes of the same diameter as the screw at the gear tooth loss area, and then tap the thread with a tap. Tighten the selected screw into the screw hole, then use a hacksaw to cut off the screw that is higher than the tooth top, and then use a steel knife to process it into teeth with the same shape as the original one, which can be used.

The above 5 methods can be used to repair damaged gears in diesel generators, hoping to be helpful to all users.

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