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How to Read Fault Codes on Indicator Light in Cummins Generator

Sep. 21, 2019

The control system of Cummins diesel generator can display and record some operation faults, and these faults are expressed in the form of fault codes. These fault codes can make faults analysis easier and are recorded in ECM. These fault codes can be read by using the fault indicator on the dashboard or the INSITETMTM service tool.


So how to read land use Cummins genset fault codes? Here Starlight shares some methods with you:

1. Fault codes display on fault indicator light

Most, but not all, electronic fault codes display on the fault indicator light when they work. When a fault code works, four kinds of fault indicator lights may turn on.

A.If “ warning” indicator light is yellow, indicating we should remove faults as soon as possible;

B.If “stop” indicator light is red, indicating we need to shut down the diesel engine safely as soon as possible;

C.Diesel land use generators should be maintained in a state of shutdown until all faults are removed;

D.When maintain diesel generator, “Mait” maintenance indicator light will flashes;

E.The diesel generator set is also equipped with a "water in fuel" (W.I.F) indicator light. "there is water in fuel" (W.I.F) indicator indicates that water in oil-water separator of diesel generator needs to be discharged. As long as the indicator lights up, drainage should be carried out as soon as possible;

F.To check whether there are fault codes of diesel generator electronic system and maintenance indicator codes, the key switch should be transferred to the "OFF" position and the "diag" diagnostic switch should turn on;

G.Then turn the key switch to “ON” connection position, if the current fault code is not recorded, the indicator lamps will turn on, and the “warning” indicator lamp and "stop" indicator light will always turn on; if the current fault codes are recorded, the “warning” indicator lamp and "stop" indicator lamp will turn on in an instant. The “stop” indicator lamp will turn on instantaneously and then start recording the fault codes.

 Cummins generator

2.The fault code indicator lights flicker in the following order:

A.The yellow “warning” indicator lamp flashes.

B.1~2s suspension.

C.The fault codes will flicker on the red “stop” indicator light.

D.There will be 1-2s pause between each number.


The yellow warning light flashes again when the number flickers through the red indicator. Failure numbers will flicker repeatedly in the same order. Each fault code will flicker twice and then go to the next fault code.

If want to skip the next fault code quickly, temporarily pull “idle/diag” adjustment switch to the (+) position. If want to get back to last fault codes, just temporarily pull “idle/diag” adjustment switch to the (-) position. If it only records one current fault code, whatever pull to (+) position or (-) position, the control system will keep displaying a same fault code.


When not using diagnostic system, we should shut down the open switch. If the diagnostic switch is not disconnected or the plug is not pulled out, the ECM will not record some fault codes.


3.Use diagnostic tools to read fault codes

We can read additional fault code information through using INSITETM service tools (including diagnostic software, data communication adapters and data communication connectors), can quickly record the number value or state of control system sensors and switches when the fault codes appear. Because it is eventually cleared and recently appeared, this data stores the first occurrence of a failure information. This data is very valuable in attempting to reproduce or determine the operating conditions of a land use diesel generator in the event of a failure.

If we can know to read fault codes on indicator lights of Cummins diesel genset, when there are some faults, we can know the fault reasons and remove faults quickly. 

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