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How to Minimize The Noise of Silent Diesel Generator Sets?

Oct. 27, 2021

Do you have a way to reduce the noise of quiet diesel generator sets to the minimum? Silent diesel generator sets are used as a backup power source for city power and are emergency power supply equipment for medical, financial, post and telecommunications and defense departments, but it is bringing people While it is convenient to use electricity, its strong noise also brings serious noise pollution. As everyone pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, the country’s noise control regulations are becoming more and more stringent. The emergence of silent diesel generator sets is particularly important. Do you know how to minimize the noise of a silent generator set?

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When the silent diesel generator set is working, sufficient air intake is required to maintain the normal operation of the silent diesel generator set. Generally, the air intake system should be set directly opposite to the fan exhaust of the silent diesel generator set, and the air intake should be forced into the air. In this way, the inlet air is drawn into the machine room by the blower through the muffler duct. When the silent diesel generator set adopts the water tank fan system for cold sealing, the heat of the water tank radiator must be discharged out of the machine room. In order to prevent noise from being transmitted outside the machine room, the exhaust system must be equipped with an exhaust silencer duct.

The exhaust air of the quiet diesel generator is silenced by the exhaust silencing duct, and there is still high noise outside the machine room. The exhaust air must pass through the silencing duct set outside the machine room for silence, so as to minimize the noise of the silent diesel generator set , The sound-absorbing duct has a brick wall structure on the outside and a sound-absorbing board on the inside. The exhaust gas emitted by the silent diesel generator set produces a certain amount of noise. You can add a muffler box to the exhaust system of the silent diesel generator set. At the same time, the exhaust muffler pipe is wrapped with fireproof rock wool material, which can reduce the silent diesel. The heat of the generator set is dissipated into the engine room, which can reduce the working vibration of the silent diesel generator set, thereby achieving the purpose of attenuating noise.

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