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How to maintain Volvo diesel generator sets?

Nov. 16, 2021

Is there any way to maintain Volvo diesel generator sets? Generally, the freezing point of diesel used should be 3-5℃ lower than the lowest seasonal temperature to ensure that the lowest temperature will not affect the use due to freezing. Regularly replace the antifreeze and prevent leakage when adding. There are several types of antifreeze, red, green and blue. It is easy to find when it leaks. Once you find that you have to wipe off the leak and check the leak, choose an antifreeze with a suitable freezing point. Generally speaking, the freezing point of the selected antifreeze is best to be low. Set aside the local minimum temperature of 10°C, and leave a lot of surplus to prevent sudden drops in temperature at certain times. After the temperature drops sharply, the oil viscosity will increase, and it may be greatly affected during cold start. It is difficult to start and the engine is difficult to rotate.

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Therefore, when choosing engine oil for Volvo diesel generator sets in winter, it is recommended to replace engine oil with lower viscosity. Due to the extremely high requirements for the air filter element and diesel filter element in cold weather, if it is not replaced in time, it will increase the wear of the engine and affect the service life of Volvo diesel generator sets. Therefore, it is necessary to change the air filter frequently to reduce the chance of impurities entering the cylinder and extend the service life and safety of Volvo diesel generator sets. Special attention should be paid to temperature changes in winter. If the temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank of the Volvo diesel generator set should be discharged in time, otherwise the cooling water will expand during the solidification process, which will damage the cooling water tank.

When Volvo diesel generator sets are started in winter, the air temperature in the cylinder is low, and it is difficult for the piston to compress the gas to reach the natural temperature of diesel. Therefore, corresponding auxiliary methods should be adopted to increase the temperature of the Volvo diesel generator set body before starting. Volvo diesel generator sets should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes after starting in winter to increase the temperature of the whole machine, check the working condition of the lubricating oil, and put it into normal operation after the check is normal. During operation, Volvo diesel generator sets minimize the sudden acceleration of the speed or the operation of stepping on the throttle to the maximum, otherwise the service life of the valve components will be affected if the time is too long.

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