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How to Maintain The Fuel Injector of Volvo Diesel Generator

Apr. 12, 2022

Although the Volvo diesel generator injector is a small part, if it fails, the entire equipment has to be shut down. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the Volvo diesel generator fuel injector. If the fuel injector is not cleaned for a long time, grease will be produced, which will block the fuel injection nozzle and cause poor fuel injection.

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First of all, when the technical workers assemble the injector, they must install the assembly standard to prevent the assembly from being in place. Be extra careful when installing the fuel injector heat shield, neither too loose nor too tight, too loose, there is a gap between the fuel injector and the heat shield, the heat insulation effect is greatly reduced, and it is easy to cause the fuel injector And the heat shield burns off. If it is too tight, the injector will feel oppressed. Under the combined action of the thermal alternating load and the high pressure load of fuel injection, the head of the injector will be broken, the needle valve will be stuck and oil will drip. So be sure to grasp the degree.

Generally, when the Volvo diesel generator is just turned on, it is best to run it at idle speed for 10 minutes. When the weather is cold, warm up the engine first, and then accelerate to 1500 rpm. If the combustion is not complete, it is easy to form carbon deposits, which will stick the fuel injection nozzles and cause blockages. Scientific cleaning of fuel injectors. The position that easily affects the atomization should be the outer surface of the fuel injection port of the fuel injector. It is recommended to use a carburetor cleaner.

Under normal circumstances, do not clean carbon deposits. Don't use inferior diesel. When buying diesel, don't be greedy for cheap. Diesel is inferior. If it is not clean, there will be small particles in it, which will easily block the fuel injector and wear the needle valve of the fuel injector, causing the engine to run erratically. Symptoms Mainly: black smoke, the body shakes badly, when these problems occur, it is necessary to stop the inspection.

Volvo diesel generator manufacturers remind that before starting Volvo diesel generators, you must pay attention to see if there is enough oil. If the engine oil is too little or not, it will cause the temperature in the cylinder to be too high, which is also one of the reasons for the fuel injection nozzle to burn. reason. Therefore, the inspection work before starting is still very important.

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