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How to Maintain the Air Filter and Air Inlet of Volvo Generators?

Nov. 13, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce how Volvo generators should maintain their air filters and intake ports. If you have any further information, please feel free to consult our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce relevant materials to you.

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The air filter is an intake filtration treatment equipment that ensures the normal operation of the engine. Its function is to filter the dust and debris contained in the air entering the engine, in order to reduce abnormal wear of the cylinder, piston, and piston ring, and increase the service life of the engine.

Diesel engines cannot be operated without an air filter. The prescribed maintenance and replacement cycle should be kept in mind, and the air filter or filter element should be cleaned or replaced according to the maintenance requirements. When operating in dusty conditions, try to shorten the cleaning and replacement cycle of the filter element as much as possible. When the intake resistance is too high or the air filter blockage alarm sounds, the air filter should also be cleaned or replaced.

When storing and emptying the filter element of Volvo generators, it is not allowed to open it for storage or store it on the ground in damp wetlands. Before operating the filter element, check and operate the recommended model filter element. Changing filter elements of different specifications and models casually is also the main factor causing diesel engine failures.

The intake pipe should also be regularly or irregularly inspected for damage, cracked hoses, and loose clamps. If any loose fixing bolts or damaged or cracked connecting hoses are found, they should be promptly treated and replaced, especially the pipeline between the air filter and the turbocharger. Great attention should be paid to this. Long term operation of a diesel engine in a state where the connecting hose is not tightly sealed or ruptured (air filter short circuited) can cause the air entering the cylinder to be too dirty, with sand and dust exceeding the standard, accelerating the early wear of the cylinder, piston, and piston ring, leading to cylinder pulling, blowby, ring sticking, and lubricating oil burning faults, and also accelerating lubricating oil pollution.

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