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How to Maintain Radiator of 250KVA Volvo Diesel Genset

Mar. 10, 2021

Radiator is the main cooling system of 250kva Volvo diesel generator set, it will directly lead to the failure of generator set if the cooling system of diesel generator set is damaged. Today Starlight Power tell you how to maintain the radiator.


1.Ensure there is no air in the radiator of diesel generator set.

2.When cleaning the surface of 250kva Volvo diesel generator set, we should note that the cracks of the radiator may be blocked by debris, insects and other objects, which will also affect the power of the radiator. Therefore, these light deposits need to be cleaned frequently. We can use low-pressure hot water and detergent to spray, and steam or water will erupt from the front of the radiator to the electric fan. If it erupts from the opposite direction, it will only blow the dirt into the radiator Between. When using this method, pay attention to use cloth to block the diesel generator set.

3.Note that the radiator coolant of the diesel generator set is generally very hot and pressurized, so it is not allowed to clean up the radiator or remove the pipe when it is not cooled. Do not work on the radiator of the diesel generator set or open the maintenance cover of the electric fan when the electric fan is rotating.


The radiator of diesel generator should not be in partial discharge condition, because this will aggravate the corrosion of the generator set. For generators that are not used for a long time, water shall be drained or filled, distilled water or natural soft water shall be used, and rust inhibitor shall be added.


The maintenance of the radiator of diesel generator set is very important for prolonging the service life of the generator set and improving the performance of the generator set. Users can carry out the maintenance according to the above four methods.

 Volvo genset

What can we do when radiator has below problems?

1.The radiator is deformed and not ventilated.

The heat sink on the engine radiator is curly, or there are impurities blocking in the middle, which leads to poor heat dissipation and high engine temperature.

Reason: directly flush the radiator tank with high-pressure water gun, flush down the radiator or insufficient cleaning at ordinary times, resulting in blockage in the middle of the radiator of the radiator tank.

Solutions: If it is a small crimp, you can use a screwdriver to straighten the radiator fin. If the crimp is big, remove the damaged radiator fin, but can not remove big range.

When use water gun to clean radiator, adjust to spray water, clean the radiator tank with neutral cleaning agent.

2.The water tank is dirty and the coolant is not flowing well.


Reasons: the cooling water tank is used for a long time, and the maintenance is not timely, so the inside of the water tank will become very dirty.

Solutions: when cleaning, you must choose regular manufacturers of water tank cleaning agent. In addition, the engine inside the best choice of antifreeze coolant as a cooling medium. There is anti rust function in the coolant.


Corrosion is the main cause of radiator failure, because in the process of use, the air in the water will accelerate the corrosion process. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep the pipe joints from leaking, and add water regularly from the top of the radiator to discharge air, so as to keep "no air" in the system.


The radiator should not be in the condition of partial water injection and discharge, because it will accelerate the corrosion. For the generator set that does not work, it is necessary to pump out or fill up all the water. If possible, use distilled water or natural soft water, and add appropriate amount of antirust agent.


It is very important to regularly maintain radiator of 250kva Volvo generator, so that the genset can have a longer service life. Starlight Power also supplies Volvo electric generators, if you have purchasing plan, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com or call us +8613481024441 ( sames as WeChat). 

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