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How to Maintain Lubricating System of Emergency Diesel Generator

Dec. 10, 2019

We know Lubricating system is very important for emergency diesel generator. But few people know how to maintain it. Today Starlight Power summarize the methods for you.

How to maintain lubricating oil system of emergency diesel generator set?

1.Select suitable engine oil for emergency diesel generator.

Generally speaking, the instruction manual of each generator set specifies the type of lubricating oil used for the unit. If there is no lubricating oil specified in the manual, the lubricating oil of similar brand can be used. Never mix different brands of engine oil.

2.During the use of emergency generator set, often check the quality of lubricating oil.

Check the mechanical admixture in the engine oil when the engine is hot, and pull out the engine oil scale to check.

emergency diesel generator

Why should the oil level be suitable?

The oil level of the diesel generator set shall be checked before starting each time to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range.

1.Low oil level will causes over wear, tile burning and cylinder pulling.

2.High oil level will cause oil leaking into cylinder, combustion chamber carbon deposit, piston ring binding and blue smoke from exhaust.

Therefore, when the oil in crankcase is insufficient, add it to the specified oil level and find out the reason for the lack of oil. When the oil level is too high, check whether there is water and fuel in the engine oil, find out the cause and solve it. When adding oil, use a cleaning funnel with a filter screen to prevent impurities from entering the crankcase and affecting the normal operation of the generator set.

Why should oil pressure of diesel generator be suitable?

When starting the unit to rated speed or middle speed, the oil pressure should rise to the specific value within 1min. If oil pressure can not reach to the specific value, we should find out the reason to adjust pressure to the specific value.

Check engine oil quality during the use of emergency diesel generator

1.Inspection of mechanical admixture. Check the mechanical impurities in the engine oil of the generator set when the engine is hot (at this time,impurities floating in the engine oil). When checking, draw out the oil scale and observe at the bright place. If small particles is found on the oil scale or the scribe on the oil scale can’t be seen clearly, it indicates there are many impurities in engine oil. Besides, we also can twist engine oil to check whether there are particles, to confirm if the oil can be used. If the oil appears black or there are too many impurities, change the oil and clean the oil filter.

2.Inspection of oil viscosity. The accurate method is to use viscometer to measure. But the more commonly used method is: put the engine oil on the finger and twist it, if there is viscosity feeling, and there is drawstring phenomenon, it indicates that the engine oil viscosity is suitable. If not, it indicates that the engine oil viscosity is poor. We should find out the reason and replace engine oil.

Clean lubricating system and change oil regularly

1.The engine oil filter shall be cleaned regularly; the engine oil basin and oil passage shall be cleaned when the engine oil is changed.

2.Cleaning method:

Drain the oil when the engine is hot, so as to remove the impurities in the oil basin, oil passage and oil filter as much as possible. Replay the mixed oil in the oil basin (15% ~ 20% kerosene, or mix according to the proportion of diesel oil: oil = 9:1), the quantity is 60% ~ 70% of the capacity of the lubrication system. Run the diesel engine at low speed for 5 to 8 minutes (oil pressure above 0.5kgf/cm2), then shut down, drain the mixed oil, clean the oil filter, filter screen, oil radiator and crankcase, and add new oil.


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