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How to Judge Whether The Diesel Generator Set is Modified?

Dec. 21, 2021

Do you know how to judge whether a diesel generator set is modified? The price of diesel generators is not low and a bit expensive, so when we buy, we will be afraid to buy refurbished ones. How to identify whether diesel generator sets are refurbished. We must first understand the components of a diesel generator set, including four parts: diesel engine, generator, control system and accessories, the most important of which is diesel engine and generator, as long as we distinguish between the two parts. First, let us focus on diesel generators. Diesel engines are equivalent to the power part of diesel generators. It is very important. If you unfortunately buy a bad diesel generator, the consequences are very serious. Diesel engines are usually checked regularly. The general choice of diesel generator diesel engine is a big brand, it is easy to check.

diesel engine generator.jpg

First check the brand model of this diesel engine, and infer whether the unit is a brand based on the model. To prevent the registration of diesel generator sets. Modification machine, this is relatively common, the easiest way to distinguish is to find the dead angle paint of the modification machine, which is usually difficult to achieve the same paint surface as the original factory. The other is to confuse the audience, name the manufacturers with similar brands, and achieve the situation of being fake. At this time, as long as you do a lot of investigation, you can avoid this situation. Generator components are also very important. Generally, the degree of refurbishment of generators is a bit poor. After all, the cost is low. Generally, mobile phones that make refurbished machine 2 rarely make a fuss on this. As long as you distinguish yourself, the stator coil of the generator uses all copper wires, which are made of copper. The life of cored aluminum wire is much lower than that of all copper wires.

All kinds of control systems, as long as you open and look inside, you know if the new machine is used. Needless to say, you also know that the appearance of the new machine is not necessarily consistent. Summarize how to identify whether the diesel engine is a refurbished machine, and most of the accessories of the new machine The color is the same, that is, it is different from the body color; the new machine will spray the whole machine with color. Start the machine and observe the instrument. The temperature of the diesel tank is the same after the refurbished machine. The temperature of the diesel tank is the same as the temperature of the new machine (80 degrees).

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