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How to Detect The Wear of Diesel Generator Set Cylinder?

Jan. 05, 2022

Do you know how to operate the detection and wear of the cylinder of a diesel generator set? First, inspect and measure the cylinder, which is an important basis for finding out the cylinder wear and determining whether the engine needs repair. After the engine is disassembled, the roundness and cylindricity deviation of the cylinder must be found through measurement to determine the repair size of the cylinder bore. Measuring cylinders usually use a cylinder gauge. The specific operation is as follows. Before measuring, use a spatula to remove the carbon deposits in the upper mouth of the cylinder, and wipe the cylinder wall clean with cotton yarn dipped in car oil to reduce the error. Select a suitable measuring rod according to the cylinder diameter, put on a fixing nut, and screw it into the lower end of the cylinder gauge.

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Insert the measuring rod at the lower end of the cylinder gauge into the upper part of the cylinder hole, unscrew the connecting rod while observing the hands of the watch, and then tighten the fixing nut when the hands of the watch rotate one turn. According to the abrasion law of the cylinder, the large part of the cylinder abrasion is measured in each direction within the range of the piston stroke, and then the dial of the cylinder gauge is rotated to make the "0" position align with the pointer. Rotate the measuring cylinder gauge on the cross-section of the most worn part by 9_0_° to measure, and the reading pointed by the pointer at this time is the roundness deviation value. Move the cylinder gauge down so that the measuring rod is outside the movement area of the piston ring. At this time, the reading pointed by the pointer is the cylindricity deviation value.

Use a micrometer to measure the length of the cylinder gauge rod when the gauge needle points to "0_", which is the diameter of the cylinder after it is worn. It is worth noting that the cylinder gauge should be swung back and forth during measurement to find out the position where the cylinder gauge rod is perpendicular to the cylinder axis. Only the reading measured at this position is an accurate reading. That is, the front and back swing cylinder gauge, when the needle of the gauge is at a small value, the measuring rod is exactly perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder. Coordination of diesel generator cylinder liner and piston: the cylinder measurement result should not exceed the limit value of the roundness and cylindricity specified by the engine.

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