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How to Debug the Control Panel of Diesel Generator

Dec. 30, 2021

Do you know how to operate the power-on debugging of the diesel generator set control panel? Since the power-on debugging is carried out under no-load conditions, the control panel and the auxiliary control panel outlet bus should not be connected. The switches of the diesel generator set control panel are set The orientation is "manual" orientation, "emergency" orientation, and the heater switch is off. The electric touch screen screen door and electricity, the knife switch, the green signal light, press the switch button, it should be closed at this time, the "closed" red light is burned together, and the main control panel heater is burned through the light. The diesel generator should be successfully started manually, running at full speed, the wood is the main control panel "brake" the green light should be illuminated, on the voltage adjustment knob, adjust the main screen generator voltmeter pointer at 400v. The diesel engine speed switch is in the "running" position, the switch control panel is placed in the "active" and "urgent" positions, and the active "input" indicator is burned.

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First, close the water and oil heater switches, and then the auxiliary touch screen knife switch is open. When the auxiliary touch screen and closed brake are delayed, the diesel generator should be able to start. The green light on the main control panel is burning, the auxiliary touch screen is switched on and off, the green light burns when the touch screen is touched, and the active brake switch point is delayed after the main screen is delayed, the red or green light and darkness, the diesel engine idling. The active switch of the secondary screen automatically switches, and the "closed" indicator turns red. 3 minutes after the diesel engine is actively stopped and the power supply is normal, the main control panel switch is still placed in the "active" and "urgent" positions, so that the next time you use the tool's power failure, you can immediately start it to supply power to the load. Check whether the alarm circuit is normal, and press the "Alarm" button. At this time, the alarm bell should sound, and it should alarm when something is wrong. Sound and light alarm signals should be issued. Release the button immediately and the signal disappears.

"Urgently" open the "experimental" position, it should be able to actively start the diesel generator, but the main control panel switch cannot be "closed". After success, recover from the "experimental" position to a "urgent" state position, which should be able to make the engine run at idle speed and shut down after 3 minutes. When the diesel generator set is actively started, it will be diagnosed manually after 3 minutes. After switching from the "active" position, it will switch to the "manual" position, and immediately return to the "active" position. If the fault cannot be ruled out, the diesel generator set will stop actively. During the commissioning process, if the oil pressure is too low and the water temperature is too high, the diesel generator set actively parks the car and sends an alarm signal light.

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