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How To Deal With Water Leakage Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 11, 2023

During the operation of diesel generator set, oil leakage and water leakage may occur, which may lead to unstable performance of the unit and even cause major unit failure. Therefore, when discovering water leakage in the unit, users should promptly investigate the cause of the leakage and take certain emergency measures. Below, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce relevant content to you.


Before dealing with the water leakage problem of diesel generator, we should understand the problem, so as to solve it more efficiently. Generally speaking, water leakage of diesel generator set is mainly caused by the following reasons:


1. Poor sealing of the water seal causes cooling water to enter from the water seal, causing the oil level to rise.


2. The poor sealing of the fuel injector rubber ring causes cooling water to enter the cylinder head, causing the oil level to rise.


3. Cracks have appeared due to the lack of cover on the bottom plate or intake, resulting in cracks in the exhaust pipes, causing cooling water to enter the piston or intake, exhaust pipes, and causing the oil level of the oil pan to rise.


diesel generator set

How to solve water leakage in generator sets?

1. For the inspection of rubber ring leakage, use an electric light to illuminate and observe whether there is water flowing out at the rubber ring.


2. For cracks in the missing cover, check if there is water in the intake and exhaust pipes or intake and exhaust ducts. For cracks in the bottom plate of the cylinder head, it is necessary to remove the cylinder head for inspection.


3. For water leakage from the fuel injector sheath, the cylinder head cover can be removed during unit operation for observation. You can also remove the cover and observe if there is water seepage when the unit is not in operation.


4. For oil cooler leakage, check if there is water in the cooling water, because if the oil cooler leaks and the oil pressure is higher than the water pressure when the machine is running, the oil will leak into the cooling water.


5. For water leakage caused by cracks in the cylinder head and body, it is generally difficult to observe with the naked eye through sealing tests.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds users that if the diesel generator set is found to have water leakage, it should be shut down for maintenance in time and should not be used at risk, otherwise it may lead to more serious faults and even cause potential safety accidents to operators.


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