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How to Deal with The Rainy Cummins Generator Set?

Mar. 01, 2022

Some 150 kw Cummins generator sets used in outdoor projects are not shielded in time in rainy days, and the Cummins generator set is wet. If care is not taken in time, the Cummins generator set will be rusted, corroded, damaged, and the circuit will be exposed to water. Moisture insulation resistance is reduced, and there is a risk of breakdown and short-circuit burning, thereby shortening the service life of Cummins generating set. So what should be done when the Cummins generator set is wet in the rain?

genset cummins

First, wash the surface of the diesel engine with water to remove soil and sundries, and then use metal cleaner or washing powder to remove the oil stains on the surface. Support one end of the diesel engine so that the oil drain part of the oil pan is at a lower position, unscrew the oil drain plug, pull out the oil dipstick, and let the water in the oil pan flow out by itself. After some oil and water are released together, screw on the oil drain plug.

Remove the air filter of the Cummins generator set, remove the upper casing of the filter, take out the filter element and other components, remove the water in the filter, and clean the parts with metal cleaning agent or diesel oil. If the filter is made of plastic foam, it should be washed with washing powder or soapy water (no gasoline), then rinsed with clean water, dried in the sun, and then soaked in an appropriate amount of engine oil (after soaking, squeeze it out with your hands). Oil immersion should be performed in the same way when replacing a new filter. The filter element is paper and needs to be replaced with a new one. After cleaning and drying all parts of the filter, install it according to the regulations.

Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and the muffler, and remove the internal water. Turn on the decompression and shake the diesel engine to see if there is water discharged from the intake and exhaust ports. If there is water discharged, continue to shake the crankshaft until all the water in the cylinder is drained. Install the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler, add a small amount of oil to the air intake, rotate the crankshaft several times, and then install the air filter. If the flywheel is difficult to rotate due to the long water intake time of the diesel engine, it means that the cylinder liner and piston ring are rusted. They should be removed to remove the rust, cleaned and then installed. If the rust is serious, it should be replaced in time.

Remove the fuel tank and drain all the oil and water in it. Check whether there is water in the diesel filter and oil pipe, if there is water, it should be drained. Clean the fuel tank and diesel filter, then put them back in place, connect the oil circuit, and add clean diesel in the fuel tank.

Discharge the sewage in the water tank and waterway, clean the waterway, and add clean river water or boiled well water until the water float rises. Flip the throttle switch and start the diesel engine. The Cummins generator set manufacturer advocates that after the diesel engine is started, it is necessary to pay attention to investigate the rise of the oil indicator, and listen to whether the diesel engine of the Cummins generator set has any abnormal noise. After checking whether all parts are normal, run in the diesel engine. In the run-in sequence, first idle speed, then medium speed, and then high speed, and the working time is 5 minutes each. After running in, stop the machine to release the oil. Re-add new oil, start the diesel engine, work at medium speed for 5 minutes, and then it can be used normally.

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