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How to Deal with The Piston Pin Failure of The Generator Set?

Dec. 16, 2021

The generator set is actually a continuous consumable. While it brings convenience to people, it consumes resources. Generally, the generator set is either not used, or it is used for a long time when it is used, or when it is used as a backup generator set. Generally, they are left in the warehouse. We often encounter generator sets during the operation process, and there are many small problems. What should we do if there is a problem with the piston pin of the generator set during the operation process?

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The failure of the piston pin of a generator set is usually caused by the piston pin receiving a large alternating change in accordance with a simple noise wear, or the intelligent connection of the piston pin itself is not good, and simple cracking.

The piston pin is also very simple to wear at the time of inspection. It can be measured with a micrometer. When measuring, three parts, the two ends and the middle, must be measured. The difference between the two straight diameters measured at each part is the out-of-roundness of the part; the difference between the maximum and minimum diameters measured at the three parts is the taper; the out-of-roundness and The taper degree should generally not be greater than 0.005mm. When the radial wear is greater than 0.5mm, it must be replaced. When the radial wear is less than 0.5mm, it can be repaired by chrome plating or upsetting.

Inspection of piston pin cracks. Clean the piston pin first, and then observe it with a magnifying glass. If necessary, check it with magnetic flaw detection. Replace if there are cracks, falling surfaces or severe corrosion.

The selection of piston pin should be based on the inner diameter of the pin hole in the future, and the enlarged piston pin similar to the inner diameter should be selected (generally 0.025~0.05mm larger than the inner diameter of the pin hole). If you feel loose, you should re-select the piston. The selected piston pin is new, and its taper and out-of-roundness should not exceed 0.005mm. For a multi-cylinder diesel engine, the difference in quality of the piston pin of each cylinder should not exceed 10g. Piston pin and pin seat hole should have an interference of 0.025~0.04mm at room temperature (15~25 degrees)

Reaming of the piston pin seat hole. Select the reamer according to the actual standard of the pin seat hole, and clamp it on the vise so that it is straight with the plane of the jaw. Adjust the reamer to expose the pin seat hole at the upper end of the blade. When reaming, rotate the reaming clockwise. During the reaming process, use the piston pin for trial fitting at any time to avoid reaming the piston pin seat hole. When reaming to the palm of your hand When the piston pin is pushed into about 1/3 of a pin seat hole, the reaming is stopped.

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