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How to Deal with Oil Leakage from The Joint Surface of Generator Set?

Jul. 26, 2022

The oil leakage of the generator set is the leakage of oil to the outside or inward of the machine (mainly the fuel system and the cooling system). This is the most common fault of the generator set. Any model, whether it is self-priming or Turbo, no matter how much displacement is, there is the possibility of oil leakage for a long time. And the longer the service life and the longer the running time, the greater the possibility of oil leakage. Therefore, the oil leakage of the generator set is not a special fault, because most of them are related to normal wear and tear.

generator maintenance

If the leakage is slight, the maintenance cost is generally considered, and maintenance is not recommended. Slight leakage occurs mostly in quasi-new machines that have been used for 2-3 years. If you do not observe carefully, it is even difficult to find. It is mainly manifested in that the generator set is very dirty, and a very small amount of oil and dust are exuded and mixed in the form of sludge to adhere to the power generation. on the surface of the unit. The location of sludge mostly occurs near the oil pan, oil filling port and waste valve, etc., and in many cases, this sludge is caused by "unknown reasons". In such a situation, obviously there is no need to worry too much. You should focus on observation to find out the problem. Most of them do not need maintenance, but the oil scale should be checked regularly. Because once the generator set leaks oil, the worry is that the generator set will be insufficiently lubricated due to the lack of oil, resulting in wear and tear, so it is very necessary to regularly observe the oil level. If it is difficult to find the cause of the unknown sludge on the surface of the generator set, you can choose oil with a higher viscosity.

Most generator sets are prone to oil leakage, but oil leakage is relatively rare. If oil leakage occurs, it is a serious problem. Oil leakage will definitely cause a large amount of oil loss in the generator set. The cause should be immediately found and repaired. Oil leakage is more related to the poor sealing of each rubber sealing ring, while oil leakage is likely to be caused by direct rupture of the seal, such as cracking of the cylinder block, or damage to related parts.

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