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How to Correctly Use The Oil of Cummins Generator Set?

Mar. 18, 2022

The amount of oil used in Cummins generator sets, the quality of oil, the type of oil used in spring and what to use in winter will affect the efficiency and life of the unit.

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1. It is necessary to use the right quality grade oil, which is the key to ensure the normal operation of the Cummins generator set.

2. Temporary use of substitute oil should strengthen observation

If the oil supply is not timely or there is no suitable oil, the substitute oil can be temporarily used, but it is necessary to strengthen the observation during use, pay attention to the oil quality and whether the oil filter is blocked, and stop the operation in time if the problem is found.

3. Choose oil of appropriate viscosity

The oil with the appropriate viscosity should be selected according to the local temperature. It is wrong to think that the higher the viscosity, the better. Because the viscosity is too large, the oil flow is too slow at the beginning, which will easily increase the wear of the parts and even cause the burning of tiles.

4. Drain waste oil when changing oil

In order to prolong the service life of the Cummins generator set, the old oil should be drained when the oil is changed, so as not to contaminate the newly added oil, which will cause the new oil to deteriorate rapidly and cause corrosive wear of the engine. Under normal circumstances, drain the waste oil at high temperature, then add washing oil (a mixture of 85% ordinary oil and 15% gasoline), run it at idle speed for 10 minutes after starting, drain it again, and then add clean new Oil will do.

5. Keep the crankcase well ventilated

The gas entering the crankcase from the combustion chamber is corrosive, which can oxidize and deteriorate the oil and contaminate the Cummins generator set. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the crankcase well ventilated.

6. maintain normal oil level

When the oil amount is insufficient, it will not only accelerate the deterioration of the oil, but also cause the burning loss of the parts due to lack of oil; on the contrary, if the oil amount is too much, the oil will enter the combustion chamber along the gap between the cylinder wall and the piston ring, causing Cummins The generator set burns oil. In addition, the oil level is too high, which increases the agitation resistance of the oil, increases the fuel consumption and aggravates the wear.

7. Regular maintenance of the oil filter

Regularly check and maintain the oil filters and replace the filter elements in time. Cummins generating set operators should be aware of them.

8. Regular or quality oil changes

Oil of any quality, after a certain mileage is used, some physical and chemical indicators will change, which will cause harm to the engine and cause failure. Therefore, the oil should be changed regularly according to the quality of the oil.

9. When thickened oil is used, the oil pressure is slightly lower than that of general oil of the same brand. Because the thickened oil has good viscosity and temperature, the viscosity is larger at high temperature, and the viscosity is smaller at low temperature, and the viscosity is slightly lower in the normal temperature range of the engine, so it is normal for the pressure to be slightly lower.

10. When using general-purpose oil throughout the year or thickened oil in winter, ordinary oil cannot be added to avoid affecting the low-temperature starting performance; ordinary oil can be gradually added in spring or when general oil is used.


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