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How to Choose The Correctly Diesel Generator Power

Sep. 09, 2021

Most users are confused when choosing diesel generators and do not know how to choose. When selecting the type, full consideration should be given to factors such as the power factor of the diesel generator, the total load of electricity, the starting current of the electrical appliance, the continuous operation time of the diesel generator, and the increase in electrical equipment in the later period.

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Under normal circumstances, 0.8 times the power of the diesel generator is the actual output power of the diesel generator. Users must fully consider this factor when selecting diesel generators. Diesel generators are divided into standby power and main power. The relationship between them is: standby power/1.1 = main power. The main power is the power that the diesel generator can run continuously for 12 hours, while the standby power can only run for one hour during 12 hours of continuous operation.

Determining the power of a diesel generator does not simply add up the power of all electrical appliances, but also needs to consider the starting method of the electrical appliances. Many electrical equipment will generate a large instantaneous starting current (3 to 6 times the normal working current) when starting up. Therefore, when selecting a diesel generator, it is necessary to reserve enough space for instant start according to the size of the actual electrical equipment. This is particularly important in the selection of diesel generators. By the way, the principle of starting electrical equipment with diesel generators is to start large electrical equipment first, and start electrical equipment gradually from large to small.

When selecting the power of diesel generators, appropriate space should be reserved for adding some electrical equipment in the future. Many users soon after purchasing diesel generators, due to the addition of some electrical equipment, the power of the power generation diesel generator is too small, and in the short term they have to buy a slightly higher power diesel generator again, causing unnecessary secondary cost investment .

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